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A balance beam is one of the first pieces of equipment that young gymnasts will learn to use. Find a wide range of gymnastics beams are affordable prices at Nimble Sports. Visit them or call at 1-877-628-2326.


  • 1. Setting Up an Efficient - and Fun - Home Gymnastics Practice Area

2. Gymnasts of all abilities, whether youve been working at it for years or youre just starting out, you need to have the appropriate gymnastics equipment. For many gymnastics enthusiasts, there is no better practice arena than their own home where they can dedicate their many hours necessary to excel at their craft. Practicing at home is, of course, the most convenient and flexible option, but it requires the appropriate and safe equipment, including the all-important gymnastics bars. 3. Gymnastics bars are advanced pieces of gymnastics equipment that are integral for anyone putting together a home gym. There are a variety of gymnastics bars, each of which meet particular needs. They include: *Adjustable Horizontal Bars - These gymnastics bars are adjustable to between 3 and 5 in 6 increments for the utmost flexibility. *Non-Adjustable Horizontal Bars - These bars are standard 4 wide assembly and are available in a variety of colors. 4. *Adjustable 3 Play Horizontal Bars - Some of the most versatile gymnastics bars on the market, the adjustable 3 play horizontal bars adjust to single, even, and uneven bars with the ability to adjust the height and width. *Parallette Bars - Used in pairs, parallette bars are small gymnastics equipment used in professional gymnasiums to simulate the parallel bars for practice purposes. Parallettes are much like pushup bars or dip bars, but they are typically longer and lower to the ground. 5. WHEN LOOKING FOR THE BEST GYMNASTICS BARS, ITS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND: *Quality - This is most important because high quality relates to safety. Look for handcrafted pieces that are built with both safety and performance as top priorities. *Affordability - High quality should not come at the expense of an affordable price. Look for those companies that are both committed to the integrity of the work as well as the affordability for their customers. 6. NIMBLE SPORTS Address: 2227 Spikes Lane Lansing, MI 48906 Phone No: 877.628.2326 Email: Website:


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