FIFA World Cup 2014

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<p>FIFA World Cup 2014</p> <p>FIFA World Cup 2014It is a big business event. Poor people have been removed from their neighborhoods. The FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010 left behind public debt and stadiums with a useless oversized capacity. The preparations in Qatar have exposed modern slavery and show the corruption within the anachronistic FIFA system. Solidar Swiss is actively campaigning on doubtful FIFA practices, globally and within their country (where FIFA is tax exempted). All football fans are excited by the games that will result in a champion from the Global South this time, but only if fair competition conditions are guaranteed.The football system touches ground with abnormal salaries for professional players who have become objects of speculation themselves through the transfer market. A European court decision on free movement of workers that paved this path. But how does one justify the waste of millions that over indebted clubs pay for their players? How to justify the modern slavery of young talents that are brought from the Global South to European clubs at very young age and who become objects of speculation? Football is a game but behind it is a clear expression of our post-modern societies in crisis.</p> <p> Sajid Imtiaz: Expert Member CDKN, Member Advertising Age, Member Harvard Business Review</p>