Few tips for your first fishing adventures

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Few tips for your first fishing adventuresFirst to fishing adventures are often overwhelmed by the choice of fishing tackle as they sift through catalogs, browse online, or gaze at the offerings in their local bait and tackle shop. There are some essentials to take along on every fishing outing and other items that will help make the trip more enjoyableand perhaps more successful. The key in the beginning is; keep it simple.Ask an experienced fisherman what the best bait or lures are to bring along. This will cut down on a lot of extras that you dont need to carry.Dress comfortably for the weather. If you are too cold or too hot, it takes some of the fun out of the enjoyment of fishing.The first things to pack are safety and common sense. Accidents do happen, and being prepared makes the difference.If you are fishing from a kayak, canoe, or a small boat fish with a buddy. Even if you are fishing from a dock, bridge, or beach, tell someone where you are going to fish and an approximate time you will be back.Heres a list of what to bring along. Some items will vary depending on what kind of fish (species) and size of fish you are after.Fishing Hooks for the type of fish you are targetingExtra fishing line tangles and break-offs do happen. Dont lose a whole day to a lost line.Bobbers or floaters if you are fishing baits with that methodSnaps and swivels to keep fishing line from twistingSinkers or weightsLeaders (or leader line)Needle nose pliers for hook removal. Hook removal tools are usually light weight and effective, but its good to also have pliers along in case you hook yourselfStringer to hold the fish you catchRuler and scale if you area has size limits, these are necessary. Small pocket tape measures work fine.Sharp knife a multi-tool knife is good, but may not be the best bet for cutting bait. Bring a bait knife and leave the fillet knife at home unless you plan to clean your catch where you fish.A small flashlight if you are out before dawn or after duskFirst-aid kit simple stuff, like band aids, insect bite relief, and a few aspirinInsect repellentSunscreen, sunglasses, and a hatUse this checklist before you leave. Theres nothing worse than being in the middle of the lake and realizing you left some of your gear at home.