Ed Reynolds, Safety Scouting Report

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  1. 1. Reynolds Ed Stanford S #29 5.9 Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade 61 207 4.57 Height Weight 40 speed Test Score ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Q.A.B 6.0 Quick Feet 6.0 C.O.D. 5.5 Flexibility 5.5 Coordination 6.0 Ed is a good athlete. Inconsistency with his, too upright. COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Toughness 5.5 Clutch Play 5.0 Production 6.0 Consistency 5.5 Team Player 6.0 Pride / Quit 6.0 Eds production at Stanford was good, recording six interceptions in 2012, a team high and highest by a Stanford player since 1973. Though he is inconsistent, he is a competitor. MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Learn / Retain 6.0 Inst/Reaction 6.0 Concentration 6.0 Ed is a smart athlete. He is able to stay focused which why is has been able to be productive. STRENGTH/ EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE: 5.5 Body Type 6.0 Ed has good size, but durability could be an issue. He missed all of the 2011 season with a torn ACL and ejected from a game that caused him not to start against Washington State. He is inconsistent with his play. Durability 5.5 Explosion 5.0 Play Strength 5.5 GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 6.0 Read & React Good play recognition and quickly to react Oregon 2013 UCLA PAC 12 Championship, 2012 & 225 REPS 15 VERTICAL JUMP 32.5 BROAD JUMP 117 5.0 M / M Coverage Not in man often, but has ability to cover well 6.0 Zone Coverage Good reads and able to make quick tackles when has leverage 5.0 Break & Close Gets out quickly, but lacks burst to close
  2. 2. GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 5.0 Hips / Turn Ability He has ability to turn to well, but tends to be too upright, which causes him to lose a step Michigan State, 2014 Rose Bowl 20 SHUTTLE NA 60 SHUTTLE NA 3 CONE NA 5.5 Tackling Wrap tackler, but very inconsistent, misses a lot of open field tackles 5.0 Hitting Ability Does not make big blows 6.0 Hands INT. Catches well, small hands 5.0 Hands FGT BLK Avoids blockers, but could improve overall CRITICAL FACTORS 6.0 Deep Speed Has speed to stay with TE and over the top on receivers ATH. ABILITY 6.0 COVERAGE 5.5 TACKLING 5.5 COMPETES 6.0 PLAY SPEED 6.0 INSTINCTS 6.0 5.0 Return Ability Does not explode with ball 5.0 Errors Not mental errors, misses a lot of tackles STRONG POINTS WEAKNESSES Size, good athlete, reading QB, wrap tackler, concentration Misses too many tackles, not a lot of hard hits, is not explosive, SUMMARY Ed is a good athlete and should be a quality backup and eventually be a starter.