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  • Stephen Tinen

    The Chicago Cubs

    People ask me a lot about the values I got from playing for the Cubs for

    so many years. The value I got out of it was patience. A lot of people these

    days are not very patient. Ernie Banks

  • Cubs History 1876 The Chicago White Stockings join the National League and win the

    inaugural National League Championship

    1902 Local newspaper nicknames the franchise Cubs for the first time

    1907 Cubs adopted by team as official name, win the World Series

    1908 Cubs become first team to win back to back World Series

    1916 Charles Weeghman purchases Cubs, Cubs start playing at Weeghman Park.

    Later known as Wrigley Field

    1926 Ballpark officially becomes Wrigley Field

    1930 Hack Wilson has a record year hitting 56 home run and batting in 191 runs.

    Wilson still holds the MLB record of most RBIs in a season

    1948 WGN-TV broadcasts first Cubs game

    1953 Cubs legend Ernie Banks hit his first homerun.

    1971 Mr. Cub Ernie Banks retires

    1981 Tribune Company buys the club from William Wrigley

    1998 Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire race to hit the most homeruns in a season.

    Sosa hits 66 and McGwire wins with 70 homeruns.

    2009 Tribune Company sells the franchise to the Ricketts family.

  • Board of Directors

    From Left to Right, Pete Ricketts, Tom Ricketts, Laura Ricketts, Todd Ricketts

    In 2009, the Ricketts family purchased the Cubs from the Tribune Company. Tom

    Ricketts, the current chairman of the Cubs, is the majority owner. Ricketts kept the

    Cubs Organization inside the family and his siblings all became board of directors for

    the Cubs. Their father, Joe Ricketts, started TD Ameritrade and did not allow his

    children to work in the company until they were 30 years old. This forced his children

    to become successful on their own. All four siblings attended college in Chicago and

    were successful in their respective fields. Not only were the Rickett siblings bound to

    the Board of Director positions by family, but they are also qualified business men and


  • Baseball Operations

    President Theo Epstein

    VP & GM Jed Hoyer

    Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are the two leaders of the front office for the Chicago Cubs. They

    ultimately have the last call on player personnel and coaching decisions. They work closely with

    many assistants and coordinators and rely on their research and input to help make the

    appropriate decisions. Other Cubs Baseball Operation positions include: Assistant GM, Director

    of Pro Scouting, Director of Baseball Operations, Director of Research and Development,

    Coordinator of Pro Scouting, and various other assisting positons.

    "To me, baseball is better with tradition, baseball is better with history, baseball is better with fans who care, baseball is better in ballparks like this, baseball is better during the day. And baseball is, best of all, when you win," Theo


    I think the biggest challenge is trying to get the right player at the right price. I don't think it's a leverage issue. I think it's just trying to get the right player in the right deal and not pulling the trigger

    until we get that. Jed Hoyer

  • Scouting & Player Development

    The Cubs along with all the MLB teams, find their minor league affiliates extremely valuable.

    Currently, the Cubs have the number one ranked farm system. Having a strong farm system

    shows that a team has a lot of potential. Baseball operations works closely with scouting and

    player development on deciding numerous topics involving their minor league players. The

    minor leagues are so important for the organization that are numerous positions within the

    field. Various jobs include:

    Senior VP, Player Development and Amateur Scouting Jason McLeod

    Director of Player Development Jaron Madison

    Director of Amateur Scouting Matt Dorey

    Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting Lukas McKnight

    Assistant Director of Player Development and International Scouting Alex Suarez

    Minor League Field Coordinator Tim Cossins

    Coordinator of Cultural Programs Reynold Fuentes

    Coordinator of Minor League Administration Derrick Fong

  • Accounting & Business Operations


    Major League Baseball is a business and needs skilled accountants to manage the money coming in and out of the franchise. Accounting positions in the Cubs organization include:

    o Controller Oversees the accounting department, reviews probability, and makes important financial recommendations.

    o Payroll Deals with the payment of contracts of the staff members and players. Players can have complex contracts loaded with bonuses.

    o Manager of Risk Management Figures out the financial risks of money throughout the organization.

    Business Operations

    For a business to run smoothly, they need to make sure their service or product is being properly displayed. The Cubs rely on four front office positions to help make sure they are meeting customer expectations.

    o President of Business Operations o Business Operations Senior Advisor o Executive Assistant to the Chairman o Manager of the Board and Stakeholder Relations

    Baseball is too much of a sport to be called a business, and too much of a business to be called a

    sport. Philip Wrigley

  • Ballpark Operations Wrigley Field is a multipurpose facility that primarily focuses on the Cubs but in recent history has been home to a few concerts and sporting events. Since the year 2000, Wrigley has hosted its first NHL game, high school sporting event (Girls high school lacrosse), concert (Jimmy Buffet), and first football game (Northwestern vs. Illinois) in 40 years. Wrigley Field is a historic ballpark that is currently under renovation. This requires tons of planning and Ballpark Operations is in charge of making sure the facilities and events run as planned. The Cubs Ballpark Operations consists of sixteen positions including:

    VP of Ballpark Operations Senior Coordinator of Office Services

    Senior Director of Wrigley Field Event Operations

    Coordinator of Parking and Exterior Event Operations

    Director of Safety and Security Operations Head Groundkeeper

    Director of Fan Experience Assistant Head Groundkeeper

    Assistant Director of Guest Services Supervisor, Stadium Cleaning

    Assistant Director of Event Operations & Security

    Coordinator of Facilities

    Manager of Facility Maintenance Event Services Schedule and Payroll Assistant

    Supervisor of Safety & Security Administrative Assistant Events Coordinator

  • Marketing Department How does a team that has not won a World Series in over a century continue

    to bring in millions of fans? The answer is marketing!

    The Cubs sell the experience! They sell the history of the 2nd oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball! They sell the Chicago style hot dogs, the ivy covered outfield walls, the original manually-operated scoreboard. Its all part of the experience of going to a Cubs ball game.

    The Marketing Department of the Cubs had to think of ways to continue bringing fans in despite not winning. They used the fact of losing to create hope and started the Its Gonna Happen campaign. They have even used the buildup of This is the year in making a run to the World Series to keep the fans piling in.

    The Cubs Marketing Department has eleven front office positions. Positions in the Marketing Department include Senior Director of Marketing, Manager of Broadcast Relations, Manager of Game & Event Production, and Video & Graphics Producer.

  • Ticket Sales, Operations, and Services

    Ticket Sales

    The focus for Ticket Sales is mainly on selling season tickets, partial season tickets, and group tickets.

    Corporate Sales target corporations that may want to buy box seats or large numbers of seats.

    Many openings are openings are available in this area because teams must sell large amounts of tickets

    Cubs Ticket Sales positions include the Director of Ticket Sales, Manager of Premier Sales, Manager of Cubs Sales Development Program, Account Executive in Premier Sales, Premier Sales Specialist, Group Sales Representatives, and Ticket Sales Representative.

    Ticket Operations

    Are responsible for ticket distribution, printing, accounting, game-day box office sales, complimentary tickets, and the financial settlement for the visiting team.

    Cubs Ticket Operation positions include the Director of Ticket Operations, Manager of Wrigley Field Ticket Office, Manager of Fan Services & Tour Experiences, Manager of Ticket Operations, Coordinator of ticket Operations, and several Fan Service Associates.

    Ticket Services

    Handles duplicate tickets and ticket security problems.

    Deals with will-call and the transfer of season tickets.

    Cubs Ticket Services positions include the Director of Ticket Sales, Manager of Ticket Sales, Manager of Premier Service, Manager of Season Ticket Service, and many Season Ticket Holder Service Representatives.

  • Community Affairs Cub Charities Mission Statement

    Community Affairs

    Each year, the Cubs donate merchandise and collectible items worth millions of dollars toward non-profit organizations in the community.

    Community Affairs personnel are responsible for implementing programs and initiatives for the Cubs community.

    Use existing relationships with communi