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New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Make a Trade By Brad Jermeland

Brad Jermeland patriots buccaneers trade blog

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This is the blog post of education professional and dedicated football fan, Brad Jermeland. This presentation features a recent trade made between the New England Patriots, one of Brad's favorite teams, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The trade was for Tim Wright and Logan Mankins. Brad Jermeland is always up on what is new in the NFL.

Text of Brad Jermeland patriots buccaneers trade blog

  • 1. New England Patriots andTampa Bay BuccaneersMake a TradeBy Brad Jermeland

2. As rosters are being trimmed to 75 playersaround the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneersand New England Patriots made a trade to helpsolidify their rosters. 3. Tampa traded 2nd year TE Tim Wright and a4th round draft pick to the Patriots for six-timePro Bowler Logan Mankins. 4. Mankins, 32, drafted in the first round back in2005 out of Fresno State figures to help solidifya shaky offensive line for the Buccaneers.Although hes up there in age, Mankins still hasa couple years left in the the tank to help theBuccaneers beyond just this year. 5. The 24 year old Wright, an undrafted WRconverted to TE out of Rutgers played in all 16games last year posting 54 catches for 571yards and five touchdowns. Wright was apleasant surprise last year having earned thestarting TE spot after earning his way onto theteam that training camp. 6. Wright found it easy to acclimate to the Bucsdue in part to playing for his former collegecoach Greg Schiano. Schiano was fired afterlosing control of the locker room and in cameLovie Smith who wasnt as big a fan of Wrightas Schiano. 7. Looking down the road, both players figure tohelp their new teams immensely. The Bucshave trouble getting the ground game going aswell as keeping their QB on their feet and theaddition of Mankins helps that cause. 8. Wright figures to be a great pass catchingoption at TE for Tom Brady, who has not founda replacement since the Aaron Hernandezsituation played out and has missed RobGronkowski, the starting TE for much of lastyear and possibly this year. 9. Patriot head coach Bill Belichick has a knack forfinding Rutgers talent that works in the NFL. Alot of it might have to do with his son, SteveBelichick, who is now an assistant on hisfathers staff, formerly playing for the ScarletKnights a couple years back.