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9 Frame Analysis Bethany Hewitt

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  • 1. 9 Frame AnalysisBethany Hewitt

2. This is the opening to the film the Birds the title page allows theaudience to see what the film is called and about. The blue text standsout against the grey background. The color blue represents the blue skywere the birds fly. Positioned to the bottom part of the frame you cansee a dark textured shadow this is a representation of a bird. 3. This shot allows you to see the birds attacking the children , the birdsare been vicious and you can see that the children are scared of thebirds because of the way they are reacting. The horror genre comes inbecause the birds are the killers. 4. This high angle shot shows a young boy been knocked down by a bird ,this represents that the birds are evil and are attacking innocent people.The birds are the most dominant in the film as they are the maincharacters in the film and are the attackers. 5. This camera angle allows you to see a young female getting attack byone of the birds and a man trying to help her , the man in this part is themore stronger person as he is trying to help the women from gettinghurt by the bird. The way that the bird has perched its self upon thewomen is dangerous and its as if it wants to hurt her. 6. This worms eye shot allows you to see how many birds there is and howit has progressed from one bird to hundreds , the way the camera hasbeen angles it allows you to see all of the birds in there natural actionswarming in the sky. The horror genre is added in this part as it is scaryfor birds to just hover and get ready to attack people . 7. This long shot of the school shows you all of the children who are scaredof the birds running away as the birds all eject rom the school building, as the birds are still in the air the people are running away as fast aspossible because they are scared of the birds . This is also scary becauseits not really when you expect from birds. 8. This close up shot allows you to see the fear on the childrens faces asthey are running away from the birds , the birds are now swoopingdown to attack the children , which is not normal behavior what youwould expect from birds. 9. This clip allows you to see the danger of the fire as it has started onpurpose , the genre horror fits in as fire is dangerous and can causedeath witch is what normally happens in a horror film. The way thecamera is positioned allows you to see what is happening in thebackground. 10. This shot allows you to see the birds attacking the two people in theshot. The way the two people are positioned is that they are scared anddont want to be hurt by the devilish behavior of the birds . 11. This shot shows you the damage that the birds have done to the youngwomen , the way the blood and cuts show on her face tells you that shehas been hurt , often in horror films blood is used to show off the effectsof dangerous accidents or attacks.