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  • 1. WiiReligion
    Luke 10:25-37
  • 2.
  • 3. Weve All Heard the Story of theGoodSamaritan
  • 4. Now Get Ready for the Rest of the Story
  • 5. The Story
    Certain man, most likely a Jew.
    Begins trip down from Jerusalem to Jericho.
    15 mile trip through very mountainous and dangerous terrain.
  • 6. The Story
    Man gets attacked by bandits left for dead.
    Priest and Levite walk by on opposite side of the road.
    Jericho is a city where there are about 10,00 priests.
    Most likely headed home from service at the temple
  • 7. The Story
    Samaritan stops to help man out.
    He was person the Jews hated.
    Samaritan was half-Jew and half-Gentile
    Jews expected him to pass by too.
  • 8. The Story
    He gives him his donkey.
    Takes him to Inn on the road.
    Pays for him to be taken care of.
    Jesus asks who was the mans neighbor?
  • 9. The Rest of the Story
    A certain Lawyer is there.
    He knows the Law.
    He stands up and he tries to test and try Jesus
    Asks a meaningful question.
    What must I do to inherit eternal life? Mark 10:17-22
  • 10. The Rest of the Story
    Jesus then asks the lawyer a question.
    He asks what is his reading of the Law
    Lawyers response was a sound answer. Matt 22:34-40
  • 11. The Rest of the Story
    Jesus then tells him to go and do this.
    The man then tries to gain standing back and asks who is my neighbor.
    He ends the parable telling him to do likewise.
  • 12. The Rest of the Story
    James 1:21-26 - Told not to just hear but to do.
    James 2:14-26 Tells that faith without works is dead. This is a demonstration of faith.
  • 13. Conclusion
    How is our Religion?
    Are we going through the motions?
    Or are we truly practicing our religion?
    Do you have a
    Wii Religion?