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  • Paul the Hermit(229-342)Persecution of Christians Under DeciusShelter in Uncles HouseFlee to EgyptLife begins in the cave
  • StoriesMiraculous Feeding by the Crow
  • StoriesMeeting Antony the Abbot
  • StoriesLast Rites
  • Celebration of the feast, in and around AnekalIn the opinion of the famous historian Rice, there was a church inAnekal, in 1400 CE.Dominicans, who were inspired by this saint, were the pioneers. Thusthey brought in this celebration. The Franciscans, who came later,were the devotees of Antony.Later, in 1951, then parish priest of Anekal, Rev. Colaco popularizedthis devotion.He encouraged the custom of cooking and having a meal in the forestand the procession (vg Gv)
  • Celebration of qz zseg t sd
  • z Ai aAv Human CriesAnawim SpiritualityComparative Study with Feast f Passover
  • Conclusion A Relevant Saint Symbol of InculturationA feast, that has shaped the faith Community
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