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  • 1. facebook / MegaRevivalOutreach www.megarevivaloutreach.org Raising a people to show forth Gods love and Glory

2. facebook / MegaRevivalOutreachwww.megarevivaloutreach.orgDont you have a saying, Its still four months until harvest?I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!They are ripe for harvest. John 4:35 3. Ethiopia Harvest...facebook / MegaRevivalOutreachwww.megarevivaloutreach.org 4. A fresh touch from above...facebook / MegaRevivalOutreachwww.megarevivaloutreach.org 5. facebook / MegaRevivalOutreachwww.megarevivaloutreach.orgGod confirming his word with signs and wonders... 6. facebook / MegaRevivalOutreach www.megarevivaloutreach.orgAsk for the nations and i will give you... 7. facebook / MegaRevivalOutreachwww.megarevivaloutreach.org CareSend in your prayer requestand we will agree withyou in prayer... 8. facebook / MegaRevivalOutreach www.megarevivaloutreach.orgAlso join us like us on facebook or twitter... GOD BLESS YOU