Supernatural Abundance

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Nigerians are becoming Godly Millionaires with 300 naira in 4 months OR 400 naira in 3 months OR 500 naira in 2 months only at with ease at their own free time by simply helping their loved ones to be free from poverty and sickness for life.

Text of Supernatural Abundance

  • 1. G S God A Sup Ab dly ADIVINE per bun o y Mi COLLISI IN E.A.A rna nda of illio ONAGA NIGERIA ADEBO atur anc ona AINSTPO A OYE ral ce air OVERTY es

2. 2 Poverty is not a virtue; it is a curse. Wealth is not a sin; it is a blessing. LESLIEFIEGERMillionaireMindsetSecrets - FreeYourselfFromPovertyWith300NairaOnly! - IF10X10DAYS=100FORTHEPOOR&1,000X1,000DAYS=1,000,000FORTHERICH, CANEVERYNIGERIANBEAGODLYMILLIONAIREWITH300NAIRASAVINGSADAYWITHHIMSELF? YES!YOUCANMAKEYOURFIRSTMILLIONNAIRAATMILLIONAIREWORKERS.COMIN3YEARSONLY WITH30FREEMILLIONAIREEBOOKSPLUS300NAIRASAVINGSADAYWITHYOURSELF - -The Antipoverty Millionaires - Text your name, email & GMME to 0803-365-3110 to get a FREE copy of the ebook GodlyMillionaireMadeEasyWith300NairaOnly 3. 3 Remember:Themarkoftruewealthisdeterminedbyhowmuchonecangiveaway. T. HARV EKER,SecretsoftheMillionaireMind Thefollowing30millionaireebooksandmoreareabsolutely yoursatMillionaireWorkers.comFREEOFCHARGE! 1. How to Become a Millionaire 2. How I Made My First Million 3. How I Made My First Million on the Internet 4. The Making of an Internet Millionaire 5. Internet Riches ... of Online Millionaires 6. Make Millions & Make Change! 7. Make Yourself a Millionaire 8. Make Yourself a Millionaire Woman 9. Millionaire Women 10. The Faith-Based Millionaire 11. The One Minute Millionaire 12. The Millionaire Fastlane 13. The Millionaire Mindset 14. Millionaire Mindset Secrets 15. Inside the Millionaire Mindset 16. Cracking the Millionaire Code 17. Conversations with Millionaires 18. Secrets of the Millionaire Inside 19. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 20. Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires 21. The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires 22. Secrets of Building Multimillion Dollar Businesses 23. The Million Dollar Interview 24. Million Dollar Habits 25. I Create Millions 26. Millionaire MBA 27. Millionaire Seminar 28. Millionaire Dropouts 29. Mentored by a Millionaire 30. Free Food for Millionaires 4. 4 RANTEwwwwwwwwwwED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! AwwwwwwwwwwRANTEE RANTwwwwwEED GODLY MILLIONAIRES are HEALTHY MILLIONAIRES ARAwwwwwNTEE RANTEwwwwwwwwwwED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! AwwwwwwwwwwRANTEE EnjoyGodlyMillionairesGiftsToday With300NAIRAOr400NAIRAOr500NAIRAOnly If10NairaX10Days=100NairaForThePoor And1,000NairaX1,000Days=1,000,000NairaForTheRich, CanEveryNigerianBeMentoredToBecomeAGodlyMillionaire? Yes!YouCanBecomeAGodlyMillionaireWith100%Guarantee! 5. 5 Text08094308887NowToMakeYourselfAGodlyMillionaire IfyoureallyunderstandthisBUSINESSandhaveatruedesire toHELPyourselfandothersyouarealready90%there.RandyGage RANTEwwwwwwwwwwED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! AwwwwwwwwwwRANTEE RANTwwwwwwwwwwEED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! ARAwwwwwwwwwwNTEE RANTEwwwwwwwwwwED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! AwwwwwwwwwwRANTEE RemembertheLordyourGod, foritisHethatgivesyouPOWERtogetWEALTH. Deuteronomy8:18 "Donteverjointhebandwagonofwhoevercomplains,sayingThereisnomoney. ThereisenoughmoneyinNIGERIAtomakeyouaMILLIONAIRE." PastorE.A.Adeboye GodlyMillionairesArePresentlyEnjoyingFATFreedom&Fun(FFF) i.e.FinancialAndTime(FAT)Freedom&Fun BySimplyHelpingTheirLovedOnes AtTheirOwnFreeTime With300NairaX4MonthsOnly Or400NairaX3MonthsOnly Or500NairaX2MonthsOnly 6. 6 Or1,000NairaX1MonthOnly Or34,000NairaX1WeekOnly Or33,000NairaX1DayOnly OrEvenZeroKoboX4PeopleThatYouCanReadilyHelp ToBecomeBeneficiariesOfEightGreatGiftsThatYouWillAlsoEnjoy: 1.FreeHealthforYouandYourWholeFamilyfrom174GlobalSources 2.FreeWealthfrom8EasyWaysatYourOwnFreeTimeWithoutStress 3.FreeCashforYouEveryWeekendforSimplyHelpingYourLovedOnes 4.FreeSeminarsatIkejaorIkoroduorAnyOtherConvenientPlaceinLagos 5.FreeMentoringfromProfessionalMillionaireMentorsandHealthCoaches 6.FreeEbooksConsistingof30+MillionaireEbooksand100+RelationshipEbooks 7.FreeTimetoEnjoyYourOwnFreeWebsiteandFreeBankAccount 8.FreeFellowshipofGodlyMillionairesHallofFameandFortune... "Bewise!ThetruthisalreadyrevealedinthewordofGod:POVERTYisbad,WEALTHisgood. Butyoumustnotpursuewealthandpossessionsinawaythatwillmakeyouloseyoursoul." PastorE.A.Adeboye Beloved,Iwishaboveallthingsthat youmayPROSPERandbeinHEALTH, evenasyoursoulprospers.3John2 RANTEwwwwwwwwwwED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! AwwwwwwwwwwRANTEE RANTwwwwwwwwwwEED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! ARAwwwwwwwwwwNTEE RANTEwwwwwwwwwwED 100% MILLIONAIRES GUARANTEED! AwwwwwwwwwwRANTEE ENJOY FREE WEALTH AND FREE HEALTH AT A TWO-HOUR FREE SEMINAR AT IKEJA OR IKORODU THIS WEEK 7. RANTE RANTw RANTE Fo Fr AndGe Ewwwwwww wwwwwwww Ewwwwwww SimplyT orTheTim reeSemin etA$25 Letthe intheP Godly With300 Mil Go Tr wwwwED 100 wwwEED 100 wwwwED 100 ext0809 me,Date narAtIke FreeGift eLordbema ROSPERITYo yMillion NAIRAOr4 llionair odlyMil rvoMil TheAntipo 0809 0803 0802 300Nai TheGif 0% MILLION 0% MILLION 0% MILLION 7 430888 e&Venue ejaOrIko PlusAFr agnifiedwho ofHisservan nairesM 400NAIRAO at eWorke llionaire llionaire overtyMillio 943088 336531 272044 iraGifts. ftsofaLifet NAIRES GUA NAIRES GUA NAIRES GUA 87Immed eOfATw oroduThi reeMillio ohasPLEASU nt.Psalm35 MadeE r500NAIRA onaires 87 10 88 com time ARANTEED! ARANTEED! ARANTEED! diately woHour isWeek onaireEb URE 5:27 Easy AOnly m Awwwwwww ARAwwwww Awwwwwww book wwwwRANT wwwwwwNT wwwwRANT EE EE EE 8. G A Godly Su A Godl ADIVINE yMillionai uper Abun y M COLLISI E.A.A 8 rnat ndan of Millio ONAGA ADEBO TheAnt tura nce onai AINSTPO OYE ipoverty al ires OVERTY Millionai s res 9. 9 Heraisethupthepooroutofthedust, andliftethupthebeggarfromthedunghill, tosetthemamongprinces, andtomaketheminheritthethroneofglory: forthepillarsoftheeartharetheLords, andhehathsettheworlduponthem. 1SAMUEL2:8 Areyouamillionaire?Youwillbecomeone anytimefromnow.Godwillcollidewithyour povertyandyouwillbecomerich.Youare goingtoincreaseextremelyandGodwillstill bewithyou.Bewillingtoprosper.Godwants youtoprosper. E.A.ADEBOYE 10. 10 The joy of witnessing divine collision can hardly be described. I invite you to come into an encounter with God today and you will spend the rest of your life watchingGodcollidewithwhateverconstitutesathreat toyourlife.Everyinstanceofdivinecollisionwillresultin a testimony. You will go from the realm of divine encountertotherealmofdivinecollision.Divinecollision willalwaysmakeadifferenceinyourlife. Are you struggling with poverty, insufficiency or lack? Justmakeroomfordivineintervention.Godwillarisein Hispower,collidewithyourpovertyandtheresultwill be supernatural abundance. No degree of poverty can collide with the Almighty and remain the same. I have goodnewsforyou.Youwillsoonsaybyebyetopoverty. Godisgoingtotakeyoutoyourwealthyplace. Haveyoueverthoughtaboutthemeaningoftheword millionaire? Who is a millionaire? A millionaire is someonewhohasmuchmorethanheneeds.Youarea millionaireifabankisowingyou.Youareamillionairein therealsenseofthewordifyoucanlookstraightatthe Bank Manager, eyeball to eyeball, and declare: If I withdraw my money from your bank ... And the Bank 11. 11 Manager begins to plead earnestly with you, saying: Please,bearwithus!Ifyouwithdrawyourmoneyfrom thisbank,wearefinished.Thisiswhatitmeanstobea millionaire. Are you a millionaire? You will become one anytime fromnow.Godwillcollidewithyourpovertyandyouwill becomerich. Thereisanothertypeofmillionairewhichmanydonot knowanythingabout.Youcanbeamillionaireingood health.Youcanbesohealthythatevenifyouworkfor twenty hours a day for several weeks, you will never breakdown.Ifyoucanbehealthyevenwheneveryone around you is breaking down, you will continue to bouncelikefootball. You can become a millionaire in the realm of the miraculous.Thisremindsmeofthestoryofaparticular woman who was formerly barren. God visited her, collidedwithherbarrennessandshebecamepregnant. The Lord saw her through and she was delivered of a healthybaby.Shegotpregnantforthesecondtimeand she gave birth to a set of twins. God surprised her 12. 12 further. She got pregnant the third time and she gave birthtotriplets.Thatwomanisamillionaireintherealm ofbearingchildren. PROPHETICDECLARATIONS Iwantyoutoreadthiswriteupcarefully.Therearelots ofpropheticdeclarationsinthisebook.Bequicktograb whateverGodsaysconcerningyourparticularsituation. Alotofthingsarehappening.Godhasbeenusingmost of these things to teach me to be careful concerning whatIsay.Afewyearsago,Iwasdedicatingourchurch building in the cityof Abuja. There was an overflow of crowdonthatparticularday.Morethantwothousand peopleweresittingoutsideinthesun.Attheoutsetof themessageIdeclared: Whatyoupeopleneedisaboutfiveacresoflandonthe waytotheairport.Youneedthisinordertobuildaten thousandcapacity auditorium. This will also enable me toquicklygettotheairporttocatchmyplanewheneverI amthroughwiththeministration. Thewholechurchlaughedatsuchanidea. 13. 13 Aswewereabouttoprayinordertoclosetheservice, theprovincialpastorsentasmallsliptome.Thisisthe content. Daddy, someone has given us five acres of land.Itislocatedonthewaytotheairport,exactlyas youdeclaredprophetically.Thatisagreatmiracle. DoyouknowthatonepieceoflandinAbujacostmillions ofnaira?IfyouhaveoneacreoflandinthecityofAbuja, you dont need to work again. It was surprising that somebody gave the church exactly five acres of land where I want it. As I sat in the aircraft on my way to Lagos,itdawnedonmethatIreallyneededtobevery carefulaboutthekindofpronouncementswhichImake. THECONDITIONS Let me state this again, you will soon say byebye to poverty.Godwillcollidewithit.Tocatchtheimportof whatIhavejuststated,readIsaiah1:19. Ifyebewillingandobedient,yeshalleatthegoodofthe land. Donteverjointhebandwagonofwhoevercomplains, sayingThereisnomoney.Thereisenoughmoneyin Nigeria to make you a millionaire. Just as people are 14. 14 complainingthatthereisnomoney,therearethosewho aresorichthattheydontevenknowwhattodowith theirmoney.Thereismoneyintheland.