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Stages of the Holocaust

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Text of Stages of the Holocaust

  • Anti-Semitism / Stages of the Holocaust World History
  • History of Anti-Semitism
    • Cultural differences made the Jews standout
    • Jews generally lived in close-knit communities
    • Have been demonized, discriminated against by Christians for 2000 years
    • Christianity needed Judaism as a contrast - to make Christianity look better, to act as a scapegoat
  • History of Anti-Semitism
    • 30 CE - Christ is killed.
    • 325 CE - Christianity becomes official religion of the Roman Empire. Jews negatively portrayed.
    • 5th-7th Centuries - Violence escalates
    • Middle Ages - Jews less than human, killed in the Crusades, demonized, blamed for Black Death
  • History of Anti-Semitism
    • Renaissance/Reformation - Jews had to wear badges or cones on head, in Italy and Germany they were separated into ghettos
    • Spanish Inquisition
    • 17th-18th Century tensions eased
  • Anti-Semitism in Germany
    • .08% of population (~500,000)
    • Fully integrated into Germany society
    • Supported WWI and the German Empire
    • Mostly lived in large cities
  • Anti-Semitism in Germany
    • Hitler blamed Jews/Marxists for loss of WWI
    • The Aryan Race - Pure Germans superior
    • Incorrectly names Jews as a race
    • Struggle for world domination
    • History and biology changed to match anti-Semitic views
  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses
    • 1933 - Germany
    • Sets up idea that Jews are not Germans and isolates them
  • SA pickets, wearing boycott signs, block the entrance to a Jewish-owned shop. The signs read: "Germans, defend yourselves against the Jewish atrocity propaganda, buy only at German shops!" and "Germans, defend yourselves, buy only at German shops!"
  • Two Nazi stormtroopers stand guard in front of the H. L. Heimann store in Bopfingen, to prevent would-be shoppers from violating the Nazi boycott of Jewish-owned businesses.
  • Nuremberg Laws
    • Germany - 1935
    • Defined who was a Jew
    • Deprived Jews of political rights
  • Kristallnacht
    • 1938 - Germany
    • Night of the Broken Glass
    • Organized violence against Jews throughout Germany and Austria
  • The fire department only made sure the fire did not spread to the building next to the synagogue
  • View of the interior of the Essenweinstrasse synagogue in Nuremberg following its destruction during Kristallnacht.
  • Ghettos
    • 1939-45 - German occupied territories
    • Small areas of a city where Jews were isolated
  • Einsatzgruppen
    • 1941 - Poland and Russia
    • Mobile Killing Squads
  • Deportations
    • 1939-1945 - Throughout Europe
    • Movement of Jews to ghettos and then to camps
  • Jews board a deportation train at the railroad station in Wrzburg.
  • Hundreds of Jews wait to board deportation trains at the railroad station in Wrzburg. Their luggage and bed rolls are piled in the center of the platform.
  • Jews from the Lodz ghetto board deportation trains for the Chelmno death camp
  • Camps
    • 1939-1945 - Throughout Europe
    • Different types: labor camps, concentration camps, and death camps
  • Work makes one free
  • Human remains found in the Dachau concentration camp crematorium after liberation. Germany, April 1945.
  • Liberation
    • 1944-45 - Throughout Europe
    • Allies liberate camps