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Springfield Tornado

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Text of Springfield Tornado

  • Severe Tornado in Springfield, Massachusetts By, Michaela Sansouci
  • The vortex of the tornado is forming over the Connecticut River, nearly on top of the Memorial Bridge. This happened in the early afternoon of June first. Photo by ABC News
  • Photo by Beautiful places insider Many old trees that had been around Springfield for decades were knocked down by this natural disaster.
  • Photo by Kathy Spencer Because of too many people calling and texting at once, it made it difficult to get calls to go through, along with texts. It wasnt until later that night that they went through, June first. Only a handful of people were able to make or receive a call.
  • Due to the destruction, many Springfield schools were closed, including St.Michaels Academy. Photo by Thomas Peters
  • Photo by Anne Mostue The Tornado left the city in shreds, taking down a street sign on the corner of Main Street and Park Street, near down town Springfield.
  • Photo by On Bradley Street in downtown Springfield, with power lines knocked down by high winds and trees, all people could do was wait.
  • Two neighbors embrace each other with support, overwhelmed by the sight of their torn down houses. Photo by Jessica Hill
  • Photo by Chris Farrand Even though this was a stressful time, people at shelters joined together in prayer for relief at the Salvation Army shelter.
  • In honor of the devastated families that were effected by the tornado, the firework presentation was made more impressive to show the citys pride. Photo by David Roback