San Diego Temple

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  • 1. San DiegoTemple7474 Charmant DriveSan Diego, CA 92122Ashleigh Walter

2. The Beginning Announcement:Apr 7, 1984 Groundbreaking and Site Dedication:Feb 27, 1988 by Ezra Taft Benson Open House: Feb 20 Apr 3, 1993 Dedication: Apr 25-30, 1993by Gordon B. Hinckley 3. Details Site Size: 7.2 Acres Exterior Finish: Marble chips in plaster. Ordinance Rooms: Four ordinance rooms(stationary) and eight sealing rooms. Total Floor Area: 72,000 sq ft. 4. Locale Located near the upscale community ofLa Jolla, California. Has a star-shaped atrium filled with acolorful garden that falls within the centerof the temple connecting the two towers. Two story Celestial room with towering artglass, hanging light fixtures and a grandstaircase leading to the upper-levelbalcony. 5. Want To Visit? The temple grounds and visitors center isopen to all public. The visitors center honors the San DiegoMormon Battalion, which is located in OldTown San Diego, around 10 miles south ofthe temple. 6. Extras TheSan Diego temple was the thirdtemple built in California. After suffering a mild heart attack, the firsttrip Pres. Ezra Taft Benson made out of SaltLake 4 months later was to the San DiegoCalifornia Temple, for his first timepresiding over a temple groundbreaking. Over 720,000 visitors attended the openhouse of the San Diego California Temple. 7. More Extras Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated thetemple in 23 sessions, in which 49,273 peopleattended. On the 186th anniversary of the birth ofProphet Joseph Smith, on Dec 23, 1991, theangel Moroni statue was placed atop thetemple. Shortly after the setting a flock ofseagulls (a bird of symbolic significance to theChurch) circled the statue a few times beforecontinuing on their course. 8. Resources