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Psyche Art' by Swapnil - Find your Naked Colours

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Inspired by your purest colours, your journey, your story, your dreams. Psyche Art is the true mirror to the Soul. Be it the Corporate, who want their 'Mission' expressed in Art or Individuals of respect and sheer love for themselves, who immortalize their naked colours forever in their Psyche Art! Find your Naked Colours.

Text of Psyche Art' by Swapnil - Find your Naked Colours

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  • Psyche Art, a poetry in Colour. An Art form for the sole purpose of having the true colours of real people, organisations, thoughts and beliefs on the canvas.Not bound by material, colour or skill, these Arts are a blessing when an individuals soul is my inspiration, not for a Portrait neither a caricature, but for Art which becomes a Mirror to ones true self, when experienced.A celebration of your own Identity than a pomp of the professional beauty of an Artist. ~Be my Inspiration... find your Naked Colours~
  • From time immemorial, Men of honor, power, taste and caliber have possessed creations of definitive Art, from Picasso to Rembrandt to Gogh and Hussain. These Arts were a gateway, an image of times gone by, and these Artists gave these moments, Life.To own a piece of these great artists was a matter of great pride and social supremacy for the Men of Power. But, Its A Jewel you own, but still isnt yours. A Body of great beauty, but of a soul, unknown, unfamiliar I wondered , that not even once did they celebrate their own existence? No celebration of being themselves, of being humans of mettle and capability, of being the torchbearers of Society and Civilization! Thus, I got blessed by the thought of Psyche Art!
  • Psyche Art, is a step towards the celebration called Y ou.Not a Gogh neither a Hussain, but a Vagabond artists rendition of his inspiration, your soul, the true colours, the Naked Colours. Immortality, isnt just a Word. Eternize your Soul, for generations to come Be My Inspiration e
  • A Psyche Art, once made, 25 becomes an inseparable entity of the inspiration, thats , You. Till date, people of repute, of honor, of power and above all for the sheer Love for themselves, have gone Immortal with their Psyche Arts.Inspirations A symbol of infinite existence, for generations to come, that they walked on these lands once & I may be the creator, but the soul remains theirs.. Thus, I present before you a glimpse of the experience, called Psyche Art. With due permission from my inspirations, counting people who loved themselves, people who are now,
  • Created for a couplewho etched their sagaon the sacred tablet of Marital Bliss. This Painting is, a Hymn, when they are the deities and A Soul, when they arethe bodies entwined into one.I may have given birthto her(the art), but the soul I embodied was theirs...
  • Elements of the Art : The colour Golden, as theturmoil in the background isthe symbol of all friction this Love had to face.A past replete with pain and tears, but yet, Golden, a purity never lost.The colour Red, in which the credentials are written, has9 drops of my friends Blood. 8 drops are for all the years they both have been together, and the 9th is for the infinite years to come... The brush with which Ipainted is made up from the subjects hair tuft.
  • The Art : Love starts as acelebration, then becomes a battlefield where mostof them perish, but if they survive, it becomes Divine. A Land beyond apprehensions, doubts and fears. An eternal entity not chained by futile egos and diseased thoughts.
  • The credentials of Gaurav-Shubhi reflect the spirit of the journey they embarked on together. The letters start with English, transform intoHindi and then morph into Ancient Persian.
  • English being the mostmodern, it becomes thecelebration which their Lovewas. Then intoHindi, the language whichgave tests from struggles to thepursuit for its existence. Andfinally it morphs into Ancient Persian - thelanguage of the Sufis - thedivine crusaders of celestialwisdom, the symbol of theirdivine union.Gaurav :Ga- English,aur - Hindi,av - Persian (ancient script)Shubhi :Sh- English,u- Hindi,bhi - Persian (ancient script)
  • Wish them both a bond of divinity, love beyond imagination, and a Life of Trust and Devotion. Size : 4ft X 3ft-Acrylic Colours, Blood, Hair On Canvas.- Ancient Ebony Wood Frame
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  • Thot Wall Art Street Art Arts Office HR Art Theme art Name art World Folk Graffiti Abstract Interior Sheer Passion Concept Art , ,
  • Jyotika- The Muse and her Erotic Penance.The inspiration was a liquor to my conscience. I celebrated her in words. Letters in Hindi, being their true self. It is a compliment to the emotion I was smitten with. The letters Jyo, exude the expression of beauty, lust, sensuality, power and charm which she is an epitome of. Notice the yo part, it is a curve of a womans contour.The Aphrodite shines on her.
  • The ti represent the light of Jyotika. The contours are a flame. The light of celebration, passion and euphoria. A source of all Joy prevalent. A lamp of Life. The ka represents freedom and courage. The k part is a bird which is on its flight path,earlier chained to futile mundane trivialities. But now f ading away thechains, it is soaring to its own flight.
  • The Colour of the Word Art is an allegory to Jyotika, The source of Joy, Love and Life.The Dark f ades away in her light. It was an honour, to havecelebrated the Muse, Jyotika. Salutes Swapnil
  • Naked Colours is a movement and a philosophy, apart from being a venture which creates. This philosophy believes in -Creating a Change. 1/3rd of our revenues go to - people who deserve, but are neglected & To children who because of no fault of their, are, Orphans . The pledge is to bring smiles onMillions of such faces. We pray, this mission becomes the reason! One of them is Makroo, this boy is from the Mahua Tribe of Naxalite infested areas of Patamda, Jharkhand. He cannot read this. But, he wants to become a Doctor. Reason? he lost many from his tribe to basic, non fatal diseases. A third of the compensation for your Psyche Art goes to realize many such small ,but .big Dreams.
  • Entrepreneur . Artist . Friend Phone co-ordinates : +91-9742948882 Mail me at: [email protected] Find us on Facebook as Naked Colours
  • Be My Inspiration e