Proven Practical Techniques for Connecting with Spirit for the Beginner and Advanced

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7 Simple Steps To Communicating With Your Angels...Proven Practical Techniques for Connecting with Spirit for the Beginner and Advanced


<ul><li> 1. 7 Simple Steps to Communicating With Your Angels Proven Practical Techniques for Connecting with Spirit for the Beginner and Advanced 1</li></ul> <p> 2. To download the accompanying audiobook for this workshop presentation please visit 3. First Things First3 4. Sensitive or Hypervigilant4 5. My Journey5 6. Spirit Trained6 7. Do You Believe In Angels? Do you talk to your Angels? Do your Angels talk to you? Would you like to communicate more easily with your Angels? Have you ever seen your Angels?7 8. Messengers of God8 9. 9 Choirs Of Angels Seraphim Cherubim Thrones Dominions Virtues Powers Archangels Principalities Guardian Angels 9 10. When Angels Are Near Joy Happiness Hope Peace Content All is well 10 11. How Angels Communicate With Us 11 12. How We Communicate12 13. Angelic Communication13 14. Communication Waves Cell phone Radio Internet Email14 15. Energetic Waves Thoughts Feelings Visions Perceptions Understanding15 16. We Are Energy16 17. Communication Tools 17 18. The 5 Human Senses Seeing Hearing Tasting Touching Smelling And18 19. Theth 6Sense: Intuition19 20. Intuition = Instinct20 21. What Is Intuition?21 22. Dreams and Imagination Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined! Henry David Thoreau22 23. The 6 Senses Seeing Hearing Tasting Touching Smelling Intuition23 24. The 6 Spiritual Senses Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing) Clairalience (clear smelling) Clairgustance (clear tasting) Clairsentience (clear feeling) Claircognizance (clear knowing)24 25. Detecting and Strengthening Your Intuitive Senses 25 26. Clairvoyance (clear seeing)26 27. Clairaudience (clear hearing)27 28. Clairalience (clear smelling)28 29. Clairgustance (clear tasting)29 30. Clairsentience (clear feeling)30 31. Claircognizance (clear knowing)31 32. 7 Simple Steps To Angelic Communication 32 33. 1 Slow The Mind33 34. Stillness What is in me is also in the tree Present moment awareness34 35. 2 Ground Your Energy35 36. 3 Power Up36 37. 4 Pray and Protect37 38. 5 Expand Your Awareness38 39. 6 Allow and Receive39 40. 7 Trust What you Get What if you are still unsureIs it me or my Angels talking?40 41. Ask For Proof! Coincidences and Synchronicities41 42. Magic and Miracles42 43. My Own Thoughts #1 Question: How can I tell the difference between a message from my Angels and my own thoughts?1 2 3 43 44. Angel Thoughts44 45. What Are They Trying To Say?45 46. Gathering The Pieces46 47. Putting It All Together47 48. Tells A Story48 49. Other Communication Tools49 50. Angel Cards Angel cards and how to use themOR50 51. Dreams Dreams Daydreams Shamanic journey51 52. Best Friend52 53. The Number #1 Reason People Have Difficulty Receiving Angelic Guidance 53 54. Not Listening54 55. Is He The One?55 56. More Money?56 57. What Should I Do?57 58. When?58 59. Give Me A Sign!59 60. Better Health?60 61. Im Worried61 62. Is This My Purpose?62 63. What Is My Purpose?63 64. FAQS 1) What is the difference between psychic energy and angelic guidance? 64 65. Psychic Energy65 66. Fate And Destiny POINT ACHOICECHOICECHOICECHOICECHOICESTUCKCHOICESTUCKCHOICE POINT B THE UNKNOWNCHOICECHOICE 66 67. One Step At A Time Guidance without certainty - TRUST and FAITH67 68. Angelic Guidance68 69. Something To Consider Psychic readings can take you out of the PRESENT MOMENT and can "steal your joy because you're not happy until the goal is met The goal is to enjoy this moment while your working toward your destiny and dreams Sometimes misses the point I'm not there yet but that's okay Grateful and appreciative 69 70. FAQS 2) Are there negative or dark energies? And how do I stay protected? 70 71. Pray For Protection71 72. Other People72 73. Bump In The Night73 74. FAQS 3) What is my Angels name and how many do I have? 74 75. Your Guardian Angel75 76. FAQS 4) How can I see my Angel? 76 77. Use Your Brain77 78. 78 79. Hold Focus79 80. Believing is Seeing80 81. FAQS 5) What are my intuitive gifts? 81 82. We Are All Connected Happy Joyous Peaceful Soul Contracts Learned Lessons82 83. Intuitive Talents Creative Animals Interior Counselor Medical83 84. Just Remember84 85. You Are Never Alone85 86. Heaven On Earth86 87. To download the accompanying audiobook for this workshop presentation please visit 88. Thank You So Much For Listening! Angel Blessings To You! And Have A Magical Day! 88 89. Resources Angel Cards, Books, Workshops: Doreen Virtue (Angel Books and Audio: Sandra Ingerman (Shamanic Books and Audio): Tara Brach (Mindfulness): Caroline Myss (Soul Contracts): Myss.com89</p>


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