Latin American Youth Culture

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A description of what is happening among young people in South America - issues, challenges, hopes, faith

Text of Latin American Youth Culture

  • 1. LatinAmerican Youth

2. We know that humankind always pursues thefuture with hope. And the most illuminated windowthat moves us forward is the youth. Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil 3. RealityLatin America and the Caribbean have achieved significantprogress toward the establishment of democratic regimes inthe region due to the mobilization of civil society, localgovernments, organizations and young people, who are leadingthe way toward a more participatory and inclusive society.The stability of many of these democracies remains fragile dueto the increasing social problems that plague the region,including the rising poverty levels, the increased prevalence ofHIV/AIDS, especially among people in the 25 - 44 age group,along with unemployment, drug trafficking and the eruption ofinternal violence.Some emergent challenges are; environmental degradation andpollution, as well as persistent problems including gender,racial and socioeconomic inequality. 4. StatisticsAfter Africa, Latin America is home to the largestpopulation of young people in the world.In Latin America by the year 2012 more than 70% ofthe population will be under the age of 25.The unemployment rate in Latin America is twice theoverall rate.Youth account for over 50% of all unemployedworkers in Latin America.New jobs are of lower quality, more unstable, moreinsecure and lower paying.Unemployment problems are connected to the rise insocial violence, family violence and substance abuses. 5. LifestrugglesWhat is my purpose in life? Who will love me? DatingI want to beaccepted!Too many unwed mothersNo one understands me 6. The young always have the same problem - how to rebel andconform at the same time. They have now solved this by defyingtheir parents and copying one another. - Quentin Crisp 7. ChristianLife strugglesGrowing spiritually Be a good testimony andexample even in times ofPrioritize my time and activitiesadversityBe disciplined in my devotions and prayer lifeKnowing Gods will for my life? Serve God wellNot fall into temptation Have good friendships with Christians and non- Christians Follow Gods will for my life 8. Dont laugh at a youth for hisaffectations; hes only tryingon one face after another tillhe finds his own. Logan Pearsall Smith 9. Struggling to be a youthin the Latin SocietyBe a solution and not part of the problemStruggling to be a professional Fighting for a good job Be creative and not a conformistLacking opportunities to advance Live by GodsBe honest and not corrupt principles andI am not accepted because I amyoung and inexperienced. not by theUse my gifts to serve worlds moralsBe a responsible, model citizenChoose faithful friends and be a faithful friend Live in peace. Dont hate. 10. Struggling to be a professionalWill I be able to work in my profession?Will I finish my studies or be held back due to a lack offinances, corruption or discrimination?Will I find a good paying job?Will there be opportunities for me to advance in life?Will I be able to attain the career that I dream about?Will I be an honest student or employee or will I becorrupt like the rest? 11. How do I express myself?Through ChatThrough facebook With my friendsThrough e-mails In my social groupsBy talking to older, experienced people 12. Sometimes I feel likemy hands are tied and I have no future. 13. Sometimes I feel like I am free to be all I can be. 14. Sometimes I feel like life is just a big game. 15. Sometimes I feel like life is just dumping on me. 16. Sometimes I feel like all my dreams can come true. 17. Angelas struggleAngela is 26 years old. She works in the central market selling hats.Her dream is to be a seamstress and learn to make her own hatsand have her own store. She wants to take classes but doesnthave the money. The courses she needs are only offered inanother city.Apart from working full time, she helps take care of her widowedbrothers two children. She is also very active in her local churchteaching Sunday school and helping with the youth group.A while ago, she decided to take a night course in businessadministration at the university. Her Pastor discouraged her sayingthat it would take her away from the Lords work and that shedidnt need to study because soon she would be married andwould need to take care of her family. This really discouraged herbecause she is already 26 and feels like time is running out to havea family and her dream store. Why is it so hard and frustrating tomake your dreams come true? she asks herself daily. 18. Javiers struggleJavier is 22 years old. Since graduating high school hehas been helping in his familys truck repair business.He loves the business and wants to become amechanic. His family wants him to work and not go toschool. He is saving up his own money to make hisdream come true.For the past three years Javier has been dating Raquel.They are in love and want to get married. She isstudying to be a secretary. They want to wait until bothhave finished their studies and have saved enoughmoney to get an apartment, which would be inanother three years. Javiers parents want them to getmarried now and move in with them. Javier feels tornbetween what his family wants and his own dreams ofa better future. 19. The biggest challenges in Christian lifeTo do Gods will To live out my faith on a daily basesTo grow in my spiritual lifeTo be a bold witness in word and deed To allow God to change my character and be more Christ likeTo share my faith with my family membersTo not fall into temptation To serve the Lord faithfully 20. The biggest challenges inthe churchTo be salt and light to the world To love the people and be at peace with each other. No back biting or judging.To serve one another A lack of trained leadersMaintain a good testimonyNot sin Serve the community To have a voice and a place to serveAs a youth to be respected by the other church membersTo mature spiritually together To have a heart for the lost To follow Christs example 21. Prayfor us