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Revolutionize your devotional life by writing with God and letting Him teach you. For more information, see my book, "Journaling with Jesus on Amazon" or


<p>JOURNAL-UTION</p> <p>JOURNALING WITH JESUSHow To Revolutionize Your Devotional Life</p> <p>Spiritual JournalingJournaling in the world is not only about learning more about myself.. </p> <p>People say journaling helps them learn about themselves, but Spiritual journaling, is not only about learning about myself but</p> <p>2We can learn more about God </p> <p>And as a result, become spiritually and emotionally healthierAnd as a result, become spiritually and emotionally healthier</p> <p>Learning more about God. As a result we become spiritually and emotionally healthier.</p> <p>3Learning more about us helps us to make needed changesthe will</p> <p> set you free. John 8:32</p> <p>We are taught that(read slide)4 </p> <p>Journaling helps us improve our prayer life</p> <p>Journaling is a way to improve our prayer life.5JournalingWe have nothing to fear for the future except if we forget how God has led us in the past.</p> <p>This is a record of how God is answering your prayers in your life.</p> <p>The longer we keep a prayer journal, the more answered prayers we will record. It is exciting to see where we were once and how God is helping us to grow. </p> <p>6Make Your Journal Suit YourCreativity/Individuality</p> <p>You can make your journal reflect your personality, your interests, decorate the cover, write a poem, write a song, write a profound statement/quote, make it uniquely YOURS..</p> <p>7How Do You Feel?Recording your thoughts and feelings on paper helps you to see issues more objectively and clearly.</p> <p>9</p> <p>Its A Privilegeto be our authentic selves with God. We can examine our motives, actions and thoughts to see if they reflect what God wants in our lives</p> <p>Its a privilege to be our authentic selves with God. We can examine our motives, actions, and thoughts to see if they reflect what God wants in our lives.</p> <p>10IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH</p> <p>Getting issues off our chest and on paper, expressing feelings, forgiving, praying all of this improves our emotional state.</p> <p>11JOURNALING IS GREAT FOR YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH ACCORDING TO RESEARCHdecreases the symptoms of asthma,improves arthritis,improves thinking, strengthens the immune system andPrevents some illnesses.</p> <p>12SafetyPrivate discussions with God may need to be protected.</p> <p>13Persistence In JournalingGod is honored by our consistency to meet with Him and openness to be lead by Him.</p> <p>14By The WayThe devil does not want us to connect with God in a deeper way each day.</p> <p>2/3 of 10 million blogs are abandoned within 2 months. </p> <p>15</p> <p>God Wants To Spend Time With Us</p> <p>So let us come near to God with a sincere heart and a sure faith.. Hebrews 4:16</p> <p>Come Let Us Reason Together.. Isaiah 1:18 </p> <p>A Love StoryOver time, your journal can develop into a beautiful story between you and the Lord. It is a record of your walk with God.</p> <p>18HeirloomIf you choose, your journal can be an heirloom for future generations. </p> <p>If your journal has been about prayers for your grand/children, consider what you write may one day be a keepsake for them. </p> <p>19</p> <p>Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Ps. 139:23, 24</p> <p>1) Begin with a humble heart2) Pray for wisdom3) Ask God to teach you something</p> <p>Find a comfortable place without distractions22</p> <p>4) Worship God. 5) Write out your prayer.6) Pray over your prayer requests.7) Praise God and thank Him for hearing your prayers.</p> <p>8) Thank God for answering your prayers. 9) Examine yourself.10) Confess your sins.11) Ask for forgiveness12) As you contemplate scripture, ask God what He wants to impress you with.</p> <p>Write down what you feel God is impressing you about.</p>