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Hogwart's school of witchcraft and wizardry

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Text of Hogwart's school of witchcraft and wizardry

  • 26th January
  • Hair: golden, wavy (I wearcurlers and a hair net at night).Eyes: forget-me-not blue.
  • Order of Merlin - Third Class
  • My books:Break With A BansheeGadding With GhoulsGilderoy Lockharts Guide to Household PestsHolidays With HagsMagical Me (my autobiography)Travel With TrollsVoyages With VampiresWandering With WerewolvesWho Am I?Year With The Yeti
  • Muggles DictionaryBanshee- is a Dark creature with the appearance ofa woman with floor length black hair, and a skeletalgreen tinged face.Ghoul- is an ugly creature that resembles a slimyogre.Hags- are savage, humanoid creatures that look likeugly, old witches.Werewolf- is a human being who, upon thecomplete rising of the full moon, turns into afearsome and deadly near-wolf
  • Field: DefenceAgainst The DarkArts
  • Favoritecolour:lilac
  • My ideal birthday gift:harmony between allmagical and non-magical peoples or,alternatively, a case ofOgdens Old Firewhisky
  • Secret ambition: rid the worldof evil and market my ownline of hair-care products
  • Distinguishingfeatures: perfectsmile, coiffedhair
  • QUIZ
  • 1) What is GilderoyLockharts favourite colour?
  • 2) What is GilderoyLockharts secret ambition?
  • 3) In your opinion, what isthe greatest achievement realized by Gilderoy Lockhart until this day?
  • 54) What is the date ofGilderoy Lockharts birthday,and what would be a perfect gift for him?