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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>WELCOME PARTICIPANTS</p> <p>THEME:SELF AWARENESS: WHO AM I???OUR RULESActive ParticipationAvoid gossiping and joking or other actions that may cause the momentum.Avoid going out if is not necessary.Using Mobile is forbidden while the activity is going on.OBSERVE SILENCE!!!</p> <p>What is Recollection?Is the right time TO: look back or step back, and discern, praying. asks ourselves... Who Am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go after this life? How was my behavior in my Family, Classroom, and Community? Was it good or bad? Do I thank God for all the blessings we had received in my family? Did I help those my brothers/sisters in need?</p> <p>INSEPARABLEGATHERING OF EXPECTATION</p> <p>ACTIVITY IIWRITE A PRAYER/INTENTION FOR THIS RECOLLECTION</p> <p>OPENING LITURGYWRITE A PRAYER/INTENTION FOR THIS RECOLLECTION</p> <p>Recollection is:IS THE BEST TIME TO PONDER: STOP</p> <p>LOOK</p> <p>LISTEN</p> <p>LISTEN</p> <p>ACTIVITY 1KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOUGUIDED QUESTIONS:Inner Circle: What is your BEST QUALITY or Character /Values in life?2nd Circle: What are those UNPLEASANT qualities or Characters or values in life do you have?3rd Circle: What are those TALENTS or Skills that you have discovered and shared? Head : What is your ASPIRATION/DREAM in life?</p> <p>SGS (SMALL GROUP SHARING)BGS(BIG GROUP SHARING)</p> <p>D:\INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS\Hospital Window - Inspirational Video.wmvGenesis 1: 26-28IMAGE &amp; LIKENESS OF GOD IN OUR LIVES</p> <p>Meaning God created us with DIGNITY, SPIRIT, INTELLECT AND FREEDOM..</p> <p>Dignity, in other words, All Human beings are PRECIOUS and SPECIAL in Him , meaning we are SACRED, no one can smashed us, thats what we fight for, esp. those our brothers and Sisters victim of diff. abuses, deprived and many more which is not good. They treat human such like a GARBAGE. God Shared His QUALITIES: being good, loving, forgiving, understanding, and creative concerned for all His creatures, etc.</p> <p>GIFT of LOVE:</p> <p>GOD gives us the POWER to GIVE without asking for reward or return. We have the capacity to SHARE.Meaning we are worthy to LOVE and TO BE LOVED!LOVE is the CORE values of our LIVES!GIFT OF INTELLECT:</p> <p> GOD gives us POWER to CREATE (with our Talents) for good of ONESELF, OTHERS and ENVIRONMENT where we LIVE.</p> <p>DONT KEEP IT, DONT LEAVE IT, SHOW IT!GIFT of CHOOSING: </p> <p>GOD gives us all WILL to RESPOND to personal needs and the needs of OTHERS around us.</p> <p>OUR FREEDOM is limited, not ABSOLUTE.</p> <p>GIFT of SPIRIT: </p> <p>God composed us two parts, BODY and SOUL, which is this two parts are INSEPARABLE.SPIRIT gives us POWER to LIVE.How to deal with our SOUL, to become nourish? Our SPIRIT need PRAYER, WORSHIP, ASKING FORGIVENESS, and DISCERNMENT.</p> <p>THANKS</p> <p>OUR DESIRE TO SAY THANK YOU, ADDS NOTHING TO YOUR GREATNESS, BUT MAKES US GROW IN YOUR GRACESA BIG HEART HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT! A GIVER ALWAYS HAS THE UPPER HAND, IN EVERY SENSE OF THE TERM. WHEN YOU GIVE, GIVE WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT CONCERING WHAT IS THERE IN IT TO YOU WITHOUT THE EXPECTATION OF RECEVING SOMETHING IN RETURN</p> <p>ACCORDING TO ST. AUGUSTTINE</p> <p>PEACE IS;</p> <p>SERENITAS MENTIS, SIMPLICITAS CORDIS, TRANQUILITAS ANIMI.THERE IS NO PEACE WITHOUT SERENITY OF MIND. WE WORRY TOO MUCH AND THAT IS WHY WE ARE OFTEN NOT AT PEACE MOST ESPECIALLY IF WE HAVE A PROJECT OR ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAY ARISE.LOSS OF PEACE COMES NOT JUST FROM WORRIES BU ALSO FROM LETTING OUR EMOTIONS RUN WILD.OUR EMOTIONS ARE NOT ONLY VERY STORMY AT TIMES BUT ALSO GET TERRIBLY COMPLICATED.WE HAVE TO SIMPLIFY OUR WANTS AND OUR NEEDS AND THERE WILL BE LESS EMOTIONAL TURMOIL AND MORE PEACE IN OUR LIVES</p> <p>WE MUST;BE OPTIMISTIC THINKER, NOT A PESSIMISTIC THINKERA PROACTIVE PERSON SAY; WE WILL MAKE ITA REACTIVE PERSON SAY; WE WILL NEVER MAKE IT</p> <p>ATTITUDESIS SOMETHING THAT LIES BETWEEN EMOTIONS AND THOUGHT PROCESSING, MAY BE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE ATTITUDESIF IT IS POSITIVE, THEN HUMAN RELATIONS WILL BE A POSITVE,AND POSITIVE HUMAN RELATIONS ARE NECESSARY FOR SUCCESSFUL LIFE.ATTITUDESIS LIKE A DRIVER OR A DECISION MAKER. IT DECIDES HOW TO ACT OR BEHAVE IN A PARTICULAR SITUATION.ATTITUDESIS A KIND OF HABIT, IT IS USUAL WAY OF BEING WAY OF DOING THINGS. POSITIVE ATTITUDESTHAT RESULTS DESIRABLE OUTCOME AS INDIVIDUAL.ARE ENCOURAGE TO DO SOMETHING IN FUTURE.IT CAN BING POSITIVE TO CHANGE IN LIFE.NEGATIVE ATTITUDESIT MAY RESULTS AS UNDESIRABLE OUTCOME AS INDIVIDUALPUNISHED IN ORDER TO DISCOURAGE THE SAME ACTION IN FUTURE.NOW HERE IS THE QUESTION:</p> <p>CAN ATTITUDE CHANGE???CHANGE IN ATTITUDEIT CAN BE CHANGE, IF WE DIFFERENTIATE NEGATIVE ATTITUDE FROM POSITIVE ATTITUDE.IT IS DIFFICULT TO CHANGE ATTITUDES BUT WITH SOME EFFORT. IT CAN BE DONE THROUGH A PROCESS.THERE ARE THREE Cs WHICH IS REMINDERS IN LIFE:</p> <p>CHOICESCHANCESCHANGESWE NEED TO CHOICE TO TAKE CHANCES OR ELSE OUR LIFE WILL NEVER CHANGE!D:\INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS\emotional video...intellectual disability....wmv..\Self Awareness - Doing Life Now!.mp4..\Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - _One Day_.mp4D:\INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS\Inspirational - What Have We Become 90% People Cry After Watching This.wmvD:\INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS\Inspirational- TRY TO WATCH WITHOUT CRYING 90% People Cry.wmv..\Perfect Father.mp4..\A Blind Father and His Daughter - Short Sad Story[1].mp4..\Most touching video - Father and son.mp4..\Mensahe ng isang Ama sa Kanyang mga Anak (with Father's voice) Newest Version.wmv.mp4D:\My Videos\The Choices We Make - YouTube.wmvLife is a choice. So much of our future life depends on the decisions we make at same time.In this world, morally speaking there are only two choices to do good or to do evil. We only live once. Let us not waste it. We should be prudent enough to decide on our own through Gods grace. The Choice is ours, so let us make the most of it. WATCH YOUR THOUHTS; THEY BECOME WORDS. WATCH YOUR WORDS; THEY BECOME ACTIONS. WATCH YOUR ACTIONS; THEY BECOME HABITS. WATCH YOUR HABITS; THEY BECOME CHARACTER. WATCH YOUR CHARACTER; IT BECOMES YOUR DESTINY(HENRY D. TACIO)</p> <p>THE PAST IS WHAT DETERMINES WHAT WE ARE TODAY.TODAY DETERMINES WHAT WE SHALL BE TOMORROW.CANDLES OF LOVE</p>