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This shared presentations contains the slides used to frame a tour of some interesting web sites on making effective presentations. The slides have links to the sites that will be visited.

Text of Effective Presentations

  • 1. Effective Presentations (a guided web tour) Dr C. P. Jobling ( [email_address] ) (c) Swansea University. All Rights Reserved.

2. What is this? 3. Learning from experts 4. Click on the Link! 5. How not to present 6. Death by PowerPoint(and how to fight it) 7. The 10-20-30 Rule 8. Is PowerPoint evil? 9. (free) Sources of Inspiration 10. Presentation Zen (the blog) 11. Presentation Zen (the Movie) 12. References [1] Don McMillan,How NOT to use PowerPoint(video), TeacherTube Group, YouTube, November 2007. Online at:http://bit.ly/BCf4 .[2] Alexei Kapterev,Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it),Slideshare.net, 2007. Online at:http://bit.ly/DzpQ .[3] Guy Kawasaki, The 10-20-30 Presentation Rule (video), YouTube, August 2006.Online at: http://bit.ly/j5Cq. [4] Chris Hall,Is PowerPoint evil ? (multimedia). Swansea Learning Lab Wiki, Swansea University, October 2008. Online at:http://bit.ly/IMX6P .[5] Garr Reynolds,Presentation Zen(the book), New Riders, 2008.[6] Garr Reynolds,Presentation Zen(the blog). Online at:http://www.presentationzen.com/ .[7] Garr Reynolds,Presentation Zen(the movie), Authors@Google, YouTube, 28 March 2008. Online at:http://bit.ly/3s534S . 13. Picture Acknowledgements

  • All background photographs in this PowerPoint presentation by Dr Chris P. Jobling, All Rights Reserved.