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  • 1. 4Q09State Quarterly Review Meeting, Rajasthan
    Jaipur, 19th January 2010
    Status of Involvement of CBCI-CHAI Network with RNTCP in Rajasthan
    Dr Neerja Arora
    State TB Project Consultant

2. Ajmer
9 MoUs signed for Treatment Adherence Scheme
DHS Approval & signing of MoU pending for DMC at St Francis Hospital.
Lab work has started in on 11th November, following training of personnel, 78 patients have undergone sputum examinations ( 36 diagnosis & 42 follow-ups) 5 sputum positive diagnoses & 2 positive F/U have been identified.
Service delivery of DOTS well established in St Francis & RCDSS
Service delivery started at St Josephs Parbatpura, Holy Family Bhatta & Christ Raja, Madar
DOT ongoing at AshaNiketan , Kanakheri, but Recording /reporting/stocking as PHI to be established
Service delivery to be started in 3 DOT Centres St Theresas, Ladpura, Maria NiwasNarbatkhera & St Clares Bhawanikhera
Training to be organized for DP at Maria Niwas,Narbatkhera
3. Ajmer
4. Alwar
Signing of MoU completed & Service delivery started at Mother Teresas Ashram.
DOT Providers to be trained
5. Banswara
6. Banswara
9 proposals submitted
DTO & staff facilitated & participated in several sensitisations.
3 centres started service delivery but stopped after initial cases completed treatment
All centres earlier had trained DPs, but now DPs at Jambudi, MaskaMahuri & Makhampara need training
DHS approval has been obtained but signing of MoU is pending
Service delivery to be expedited in all centres
Update training to be planned urgently
7. Bharatpur
School Sensitisation- St Peters School, Bharatpur-31/11/09
8. Bhilwara
Proposal for involvement of Domestic workers is planned to be submitted on the basis of the Udaipur Experience
9. Bikaner-6/10/09
Bikaner Boys School
Little Flower Dispensary, NAL
10. Bikaner
Proposals from Little Flower Dispensary & ShantiNiwas Old age home have been submitted
DOT delivery is ongoing at Old Age Home
DHS approval, Signing of MoU, Training & Start of Service delivery at Little Flower Dispensary is pending
11. Dausa-7/8/09
Sensitisation of PRI Representatives
Sensitisation of NGOs & PPs
12. Dausa
2 Proposals have been submitted, one each under ACSM & Adherence Schemes
DHS Approval & Signing of MoU is long overdue
service delivery startedat St Francis Hospital & its village centres but stopped once initial patients completed their treatment
Proposal by Jeevan Dhara centre for ACSM Scheme in Mahuwa is pending since very long, though several meetings & sensitization sessions have already been organised
13. Dungarpur
World TB Day 2009
School Rally at SewaSadan, Kampoya, Simalwada
14. Dungarpur
Both centres are working with district for ACSM already
DHS approval & signing of MoUs pending,
Seemalwada centre situated near slum area, service delivery requested to be started at the earliest
15. Ganganagar-5/10/09
Sensitisation at Sacred Heart School, Ganganagar
Sensitisation of Tailoring class at Sacred Heart School, Suratgarh
16. Ganganagar
3 proposals submitted, 2 at Ganganagar & 1 at Suratgarh
Centres yet to be visited by DTO/MOTC
Process for DHS approval, signing of MoU, Training & Service Delivery to be initiated
17. Hanumangarh
Sensitisation of Fathers & Sisters of Punjab & Rajasthan- Hanumangarh-1/10/09
18. Jaipur
1 centre, Mother Teresas Ashram
Approved by DHS,
MoU Signed , good referral, service delivery ,
Supervision& Monitoringin place
19. Kota-
Salawad Hospital, Salawad
Abdul Waheed, Kotari
Jeevan Deep CCC
Holy Family, Borkheda
20. Kota
Renewal proposals submitted for 6 centres
3 centres are well established & doing well in Kota TU
3 centres in Ramganjmandi TU need more support & strengthening
Abdul Waheed, Kaithoon has declined to work
CCC will be involved after location is confirmed
All centres have trained DOT Providers
Timely payment of Honorarium
Need for Update Training & signing of fresh MoUs after DHS approval
21. Sikar
Proposal for DOT Centre in slum based Non-formal education centre of St Marys Convent School Dispensary submitted
Process for DHS approval, signing of MoU, Training & Service Delivery to be initiated
22. Sirohi
Proposal for DOT Centre in Nirmala SchoolDispensary submitted
Process for DHS approval, signing of MoU, Training & Service Delivery to be initiated
23. Udaipur
24. Training 9th &10th Jan 2009
Sensitisation 21st Dec 2008
State Workshop
Involvement of Catholic Health & Social Network in Udaipur
Sensitisation of Domestic Workers on 11th Jan 2009
25. Udaipur
Proposals for 7 centres under Adherence Scheme & 1 centre under Slum Scheme are awaiting DHS approval
Urgent need for DHS approval, signing of MoUs
Service delivery initiated at all centres except one
26. Banswara, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer
Districts not yet visited by STPC
Names & contact details have been provided
Further action at the earliest this year