Astral Plane - Your Astral Projection Guide

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Astral Planes

Astral PlaneLive Your Fantasies

Astral Worldconsist of seven planes

Which correspond to the seven divisions of matter

SolidLiquidGaseousEthericSuper-EthericSubatomic Atomic

1stPlaneThe planeall of us living in.All Physical matter, gases to minerals, plants to human bodiesPhysical

2ndPlaneThe Emotional Plane.Hopes Desires Dreams

AstralLearn Astral Travel..

3rdPlaneThe real, where your THOUGHTS and IDEAS are Manifested in to ObjectsMental

4thPlaneFull of Love AndPeaceBuddhic

5thPlaneNO IndividualityHighly SpiritualSpiritualYour Spiritual Journey Starts Here..


ParadoxParadoxMind Candy!

7thPlaneBeyond ExplanationAdiBeyond Anything we Humans can sayGOD is Here

Stay SpiritualLive Your Fantasies

Navigate The Astral Plane