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This power point is for an English assignment about me.


<ul><li> 1. All About Me [[Amelia ]]<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 3. My name is Amelia CelestEakin. I was born in Lagrand Oregon on July 9th 1993. My Mother and Father Julie and Robert Eakin said that I had always been a fairly quiet baby. I was the first child besides my dads son he had 8 years before me. My half brother came to visit us every summer then he stopped talking to us after he graduated high school 6 years ago. We lived in Elgin Oregon when I came home from the hospital. Then we moved to Colorado with my dads parents soon after I was born. <br /> 4. I was about a year old when we moved back to Oregon. We lived with my Moms parents in Union Oregon. I had a best friend in Union, her name was Brie. Her and I both had Shetland Ponies. We entered parades, fairs, and rodeos together with our little ponies. But I had taken on Miss Union Rodeo Princess. <br /> 5. 6. While riding my horse one day I got bucked off of my Shetland pony and I rolled down a hill, my arm hit a large sharp rock. I had taken my horse back to the barn and I walked up to my grandmas house. My grandma kept touching my arm, I never shrieked or cried but when she lifted up my arm she could tell that something was wrong. <br /> 7. She called for my mother to take me to the hospital. When we had arrived to the hospital the doctor thought that no way possible I could have broken my arm. He said I would be balling my eyes out when he touched it. He kept poking at my arm and told my mom that nothing was wrong that he could tell. But my mother demanded an exrayand sure enough my arm was split in half. I was to be in bed and not move for 2 weeks and wear my arm sling at all times for a month. But that didnt stop me from rodeoing and being the rodeo princess.<br /> 8. Not too long after, my sisterElizabeth CarleenEakin was born.My family moved toBaker City Oregon. I was then about in the second grade. Through out myyears in Baker I became involved with gymnastics. I got to be best friends with my coaches daughter, Maci. We had funtraveling all over the valley to competitions, Meets, and activities together. But my adventure in Baker was soon ended when we had to move to Meridian Idaho in the middle of my forth grade year.<br /> 9. 10. I continued to do gymnastics but in a new place called Gymstate. By this time I had moved up a level from 5th to 6th. I was the youngest in my level but I worked my butt off 5 hours a day6 daysa week to get to where I was. My team even went toState in Moscow Idaho. We won 8th, our next competition was going to be in Hawaiibut soon after 5th grade we found out that the place we were living was not for us. People started to give messages that they were going to kill me, in the 4th grade. We had also found a dead body in our back yard. So in the middle of my 5th grade year we moved to theboon docks. <br /> 11. 12. Forty-five miles on a dirt road out of a small town, Jordan Valley Oregon. There was no gymnastic gyms so I had to give up gymnastics. But I quickly got involved in volleyball, basketball, dance, and cheerleading. I had tons of fun in middle school. I had two best friends, Haley and Meagan. We were The Three Musketeers who were all about sports, and we thought that we were the next new thanng!<br /> 13. Meagan was always the goody good girl and was my rodeo partner in the summer time. Haley on the other hand was my P. I. C. (Partner In Crime). She was fun and crazy, we would go rock climb off random cliffs and we would push massive rocks off of large mountain tops into the Jordan River.<br /> 14. 15. When I entered the 8th grade I learned that my gymnastics friend, Maci from Baker City had been killed in a caraccident. In the same week I had also been notified that my Grandfatherwas murdered. After my grandfathers death we moved to Mackay Idaho. Mackay was where my grandfather owned a bar and my mother was the one who inherited the bar. It was hard leaving Jordan Valley but Mackay seemed pretty cool to my sister and I because well, becoming a freshmen I had interests in boys. Let me tell ya, there were a lot of boys in this new town. Even though Mackay wasnt much bigger it was about 400 people in the entire town. I also had cousins who lived there so past times visiting I had already known quite a few people. <br /> 16. 17. I started high school and quickly made friends and made the volleyball team. In October I took a two week FFA trip that really was big part of my life. I had never been further east than Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Our destination was Indianapolis Indiana. We went as far as Kentucky in a bus with two other schools. It was such an amazing trip. Museums, aquariums, buildings, cities, Chicago, Nashville, oh it was so amazing. The FFA convention was in Indianapolis it was three days of uplifting talks and more fun. Then we went more sight seeing all way back to Idaho. By february I started the high school rodeo team I team roped, berrel raced, calf roped, and pole bended. It was lots of hard practice but it sure was fun. <br /> 18. 19. At the end of my freshmen year, myparents decided to get a divorce. My sister and I were devastated. My mom decided to move to Southern California with a friend she grew up with in Washington. My father stayed in Mackay and got a girlfriend who has two other children. My sister and I went to Cali with my mom for the summer and decided to start online school so that we can come back to Idaho to see my dad when we need to. That would lead me to where I am today.<br /> 20. 21. A few months ago I got my license and a truck. Now Im trying to save up enough money to continue with gymnastics. I am 16 years young and in the 10th grade. My dreams are to join the airforce then go to college and also become a gymnastics coach. My hobbies are hanging out with friends, sports, riding my horse and dirt bikes. I absolutely love summer and the smell of Home Depot. My favorite colors are green, black, blue, orange, and brown. My favorite shows are that 70s show and make it or break it on abc family. My favorite movies are the Goonies, lord of the rings, and Ratatoullie. My natural hair color is blonde. My eye color is hazel. My favorite animal is a horse. My father is my hero, and I secretly want to meet myself.;D<br />Extra Facts about me ;D<br /></p>