10 commandments for Public Servants

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Ten Commandments for a Public ServantTen Commandments for a Public Servant1. REMEMBER THERE IS GOD.In the Church, In One AnotherEverywhereFaith in a Higher Beingc/o a Book: TO HELL on MONDAY2. REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE A SOUL.God is conveniently laid asideThe Secularism in Fiestasc/o Physically and Materially Wealthy BUT Spiritually Malnourished3. REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY ALEXANDER the Greats Death wish1.1 THE BEST DOCTOR SHOULD CARRY HIS COFFIN,1.2 THE WEALTH HE HAS ACCUMULATED ALONG HIS LIFE BE SCATTERED ALONG THE ROAD DURING HIS BURIAL PROCESSION, 1.3 AND HIS HAND SHOULD LET LOSE / OUT OF THE COFFINAN EXPLANATION2.1 TO DEMONSTRATE THAT EVEN THE BEST DOCTOR DONT HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL.2.2 SO THAT EVERYBODY SEES THAT WEALTH OF THIS WORLD STAYS IN THIS WORLD.2.3 SO THAT PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND, WE COME TO THIS WORLD EMPTY HANDED AND WE WILL LEAVE EMPTY HANDED.c/o ALEXANDERS GREATNESS4. REMEMBER THERE IS GREATNESS IN ALL. We were created in the image and likeness of GOD (Gen 1:26-27) We NEED each other, We RESPECT one another (even Opponents) c/o Joey Ayalas Song: MAGKAUGNAY (Collaboration and Partnership)5. REMEMBER THERE ISSININ YOUWe are WEAK, We are ALL SINNERSBUT We can GO BEYOND, We can MANAGE, We can CONTROL c/o With GOD everything is POSSIBLE (Matthew 19:26)6. Remember Gods mercy is availableThe NEED for GODS MERCY & FORGIVENESSThe NEED to look at ourselves the way GOD sees USc/o Pope Benedict XVIs stepping down NOT HOLDING ON to POWERc/o Pope Francis Special Year of Mercy7. Remember there islifeeverlasting A HEAVEN, A BETTER PLACE for YOU and for ME and the ENTIRE UNIVERSE NO MORE PAIN, NO MORE STRUGGLES ALL JOYS AND HAPPINESSc/o GODS PLAN (and our DREAMS too)8. Remember you are only a steward.Caretaker / ManagerNOT the OWNERc/o GODS TRUST in US and OUR ACCOUNTABILITY to HIM (Parable of TALENTS)9. Remember god has chosen you to be his partner CO-CREATOR. WOW! Thats great! Be HONORED! GIVE YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST! c/o The JOY & RESPONSIBILITY of being CHOSEN (a STUDENT CHOSEN to REPRESENT his SCHOOL, a CABINET MINISTER to help the PRESIDENT, an ATHLETE to REPRESENT the COUNTRY, etc.)10. Remember the disadvantaged "PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT...DEFEND THE WEAKEST IN SOCIETY" - Pope Francis in his homily during the Inauguration of his Papacy. (19 March 2013) Millstone around the neck for those who teach sin to children (Mt 18:6; Mk 9:42; Lk 17:2) DO NOT ABUSE, DO NOT EXPLOIT BUT LOVE (The Greatest Commandment: Matthew 22:37-39)Guide questions for reflection1. What are your difficulties in living with integrity as a government official?3. Share the story of your entry into politics.2. What makes you happy and fulfilled as a government official?