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Upgrading from Maximo 7.5 to 7.6 - Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server

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Text of Upgrading from Maximo 7.5 to 7.6 - Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server


    Upgrading and Migrating Maximo 7.5 to 7.6 and Oracle to SQL Server

    TiLiAnne TannerEng Tech III

    [email protected]

  • Upgrading-Migrating Reasons-Oracle vs. SQL

    PROBLEM: Maximo on Oracle No other SCWA data bases on Oracle

    all on SQL Makes cross connections between business

    systems more difficult

    CAUSE: Retiree knew Oracle No one else then, or those hired since do

  • Upgrading-Migrating Reasons-Oracle vs. SQL

    REMEDY A (temporary): Host the environment with a company who knows Oracle

    REMEDY B: Move to SQL ready data input for eventual cross

    connections with other business systems

  • Upgrading-Migrating Reasons Ad Hoc

    Ad Hoc Reporting Subtotals Calculations Average Minimum Maximum Preview the report

  • Upgrading-Migrating Reasons - Hover

    Hover Dialog Boxes

  • Smart Device Interface Ability Yet to set up

    QuickPicks All abilities are

    now in Maximo Remove residual

    QuickPicks data threads

    Aliases What? Only in


    Upgrading-Migrating More Reasons

  • Upgrading-Migrating Information

    Pre-Environment: Windows Server

    2008 R2 Oracle 10g WebSphere 7 Maximo

    Post-Environment: Windows Server

    2012 R2 SQL Server 2014 WebSphere 8.5.5 Maximo

  • Upgrading-Migrating Information

    Mixed together were two activities: Upgrade from Maximo 7.5 to 7.6 Migrate from Oracle 10g to SQL Server


    The approach was to do a manual database migration and upgrade simultaneously.

  • Upgrading-Migrating Information

    Installed Maximo 7.6 in new Virtual Machines, migrated data manually Configured new system Migrated automation scripts Migrated static data sets

    GL Accts, Companies, Items, etc. Migrated closed records Migrated final batch of active records

    7.5 Oracle

    7.6 SQL


  • The Upgraded Migration Lessons - Options

    Manual database migration was likely more time consuming than other potential options such as UNLCVT or SQL Server Migration Assistant by Microsoft.

    UNLCVT is an internal IBM tool (not supported for external use) that is available in Maximo 7.5 but has been discontinued for Maximo 7.6 It may have been able to be used to convert the

    Maximo 7.5 database prior to the upgrade

  • The Upgraded Migration LessonsOver 4000

    Manual database migration created issues with migrating long descriptions that were more than 4000 characters. Some hand input was necessary

    IF we had migrated over to SQL from 7.5 to 7.5, and then upgraded up to 7.6, we could have Used the migration tools for smoother transitions Two small steps might be easier than one giant step? Long descriptions would likely have been intact

  • The Upgraded Migration LessonsFresh System

    Fresh new installations of Maximo 7.6 on new Virtual Machines, and then moving the 7.5 database to the new environment, and upgrading it is a much preferred method over upgrading in place on the existing Virtual Machines Cleaner system No migration of

    unwanted data No lingering strings

    from old systemSERVER

    7.5 VM7.6 VM


    7.5 to 7.6 VM


  • The Upgraded Migration Lessons - Simplify

    Maximo 7.6 installation tools from IBM have been streamlined and have helped to simplify and expedite the installation process

    Custom reports often have database-specific functions in them that require conversion to universal functions or functions supported by the new the database Best to have report developers ensure that all

    functions are universal to avoid cost and time expenditures during upgrades

  • Going Sideways with Accounting

    Accounting changed in the middle of it all changed format from old to new by adding

    leading and lagging zeros example: 1234-A5 became 01234-A500 which would

    be replaced by A0067-M089. Not perfect, as many numbers were combined and others

    were broken out. Nevertheless - this helped the majority of the transition.

    And... they are doing it again.... at least it is the same format this time. lol

    Be flexible, it happens or something else will inevitably happen


    Recreate and function test all in Maximo TEST environment BEFORE migration Users will appreciate it! After migration, reports were lagging

    Priority conflicts Time spent training users Funding dwindled from other issues Had to keep old version running for Location

    and Asset Hierarchy report


    Reports were time consuming for some needing updates due to the migration Oracle to SQL differences

    More time making functional and formatting changes Keep those changes outside the scope of an



    Standard Operating Procedures, and Training Materials Better to recreate all

    before migration After migration,

    materials were lagging Priority conflicts Would reduce Help Desk


  • Upgrading-Migrating Side Benefits

    New Feature Buttons Not words (black ribbon)

    Left Hand Navigation ability Can override with former

    top bar per user login

  • Upgrading-Migrating Side Benefits

    Bread Crumbs Drilling into apps,

    and returning

    Type Ahead Smart searching

    in Domain fields

  • Upgrading-Migrating Side Benefits

    Result Set Pick application first, then find query. Can chose from

    other objects Example: Asset


  • I Hear There is More

    KPI Historical Valuesand Trend Graphs

    Edit mode for records Crew Types definable

  • I Hear There is More

    Log tab not just in WOTrack. Now in:

  • I Hear There is More

    Work Type WSCH can go back to WSCH not associated with PM

    Has anyone set this up or seen it?


    Upgrading and Migrating

    TiLiAnne TannerEng Tech III

    [email protected](707) 547-1068


    mailto:[email protected]

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