Things I've Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin

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  • Things Ive Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin

    Brian Hogg @brianhogg

  • Things Ive Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin Why You Should Create a

    Premium Plugin

    Brian Hogg @brianhogg

  • Working with JavaScript and WordPress

    WordCamp Hamilton

    Event Calendar Newsletter

  • Now What?

  • Support

  • Marketing?

  • Product



  • 700,000+

  • GPL Fears

  • Product




  • Services

  • Market vs. Code (vs. client work)

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Some Dos and Donts(From my experience)

  • Do take support time into account

  • Dont worry so much about support to sales ratio in the early days it's a learning experience

  • Do know where to draw the line (features, support, etc)

  • Dont panic when something goes wrong and

    money is involved

  • Do have terms and conditions

  • Do get excited when you get money while you sleep

  • Dont think it will be passive income

  • Do set up a cha-ching sound on your phone when you get

    a sale

  • Dont change pricing every day or panic when theres no

    sales for a couple days

  • Do sell in USD

  • Dont take features out of the free version

  • Do reach out personally to every single customer as

    long as you can

  • Do list ALL THE THINGS your plugin can do

  • Dont expect to do only products immediately

  • Do ask for help when you need it

  • Dont wait

  • Resources


    Brian Hogg @brianhogg