The Epic Enterprise DevOps Story

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Is DevOps and Agile dividing the Enterprise and IT teams, or uniting software strategies and cross-discipline collaboration? Does it matter who is telling the enterprise DevOps story and can it change "how" the story ends?


<ul><li> Paul Peissner - @PaulPeissner DevOps Enthusiast Your Enterprise Agile &amp; DevOps Story </li> <li> Agile &amp; DevOps - Lessons From A Childs Story @PaulPeissner An epic battle that is anything but childs play! </li> <li> Compelling Events &amp; Signs that seasons are changing Cloud Initiatives/Starting points Pain-driven rescuers Focused Reactionary (super-heroes &amp; prophets) &amp; driven &amp; irrational? Greenfield explorations Innovative Undisciplined &amp; (adventurers &amp; explorers) &amp; unexpected interest in novelty Hybrid experimentations Accommodating Complex, crowded (historians, negotiators &amp; politicians) &amp; collaborative &amp; slow expansion @PaulPeissner :-) :-( Transitions from: waterfall, silos, fragile complexities, legacy systems, bureaucracy, failures </li> <li> Enterprise Personas and their Agendas @PaulPeissner </li> <li> Legacy, Status Quo &amp; Super-hero Egos @PaulPeissner </li> <li> Business-driven Software Adaptability @PaulPeissner </li> <li> What is Your Enterprise Story? @PaulPeissner </li> <li> The Enterprise Agile &amp; DevOps Story Should be about software-driven Business agility Paul Peissner - @PaulPeissner </li> </ul>