Some thoughts on evolving Edge Architectures

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Phil Calado - @pcalcado philcalcado.comSome thoughts on evolving Edge Architectureshttp://philcalcado.comPhil Calado - @pcalcado philcalcado.comSome thoughts on evolving Edge Architectures this 'edge' anyway?MobileWebApplication DatabaseInternetApplicationClient-sideWhat about Authorisation Authentication Rate-limiting Geo-location Session handlingApplicationEdgeClient-sidethe 1st few iterationsfrom monoliths to microservices is a well-documented processPublic APIMobileWebApplication DatabaseInternetApplicationDatabaseMobileWebwhen if you hit a wallstart off by making sure no new code goes in the monolithApplicationDatabaseMobileWebService AService CService Bthen strangle the hell out of old stuffService AService BPublic APIWebMobileApplicationDatabasewhen if you have edge performance problemsService AService CService BPublic APIWebMobileGET /tracks/1234.json GET /tracks/1234/related.json GET /users/86762.json GET /users/me.jsonMobileService AService CService BMobile BFFWebWeb BFFGET /user-profile/123.jsonbe careful about duplicated logicMobileService AService CService BMobile BFFWebWeb BFFUser ProfileServicebut if nothing else: do not start with an over-complicated architecture!?