Sitecore Digital Survivor Series - How Web and App Performance impacts Customer Experience

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Sitecores Digital Survivor webinar seriesPresenter // Dave Anderson, DynatraceModerator // Laura Tumelty, Sitecore#DigitalSurvivor</p> <p>The webinar recording will be emailed to you within the nextcouple of days.</p> <p>Submit your questions in the GoToWebinar chat box, and we'llattempt to answer them during the Q&amp;A at the end of the presentation. </p> <p>Tweet #DigitalSurvivor to share your thoughts on todays presentation.#DigitalSurvivorWelcome to todays webinar</p> <p>What is Sitecore?Sitecore is a global leader in customer experience management software that delivers highly relevant content and personalised experiences acrossmultiple channels that delight audiences,build loyalty and drive revenue. </p> <p>#DigitalSurvivor</p> <p>More than 4,600 customers globally#DigitalSurvivor</p> <p>How website performanceimpacts the customer experience Dave AndersonVP Marketing for EMEA and APACDynatrace@Dynatrace#DigitalSurvivor</p> <p>Hi everyone and thanks heaps for taking time out of your day to join me for this session. My name is Dave, Im VP of Marketing and Dynatrace and I hope by the end of this session you are familiar with the importance of website and application performance and how it impacts customer experience. Are we ready? 5</p> <p>Intro:Confidential, Dynatrace LLC"I don't play the odds, I play the man."</p> <p>Ok lets go. This guy is my alter ego.ha..ok so those that have watched suits they know this characterif you havent watched suits before I highly suggest you do. </p> <p>Harvey Spectrethe main character in the show is a pretty cool dude. But mostly I love his quote</p> <p>Dont play the odds, play the man. Thats a motto all of us can play by in marketing. Be focused on the single end personnot on stats. </p> <p>Stats, and Odds will tell us part of the story, but stats and odds are of no use if you dont put them into action and if you dont consider what it means for that single customer. 6</p> <p>Music, but not Teen Pop AFL Footy but not LeaguePerth beaches but no sharksI love coffee, but not in LondonLove wine, but not wine snobsTech, but not printersI love presenting about digital customer experience. I love telling stories!</p> <p>This is me. Hi. Im VP of Marketing at Dynatrace. I spend most of my time these days in London, but Im originally from Melbourne. I love my AFL footy, being from Perth originally that means the West Coast Eagles. Which also means I love the beachbut Im not a huge fan of sharksnot that Ive met manyyou cant win you swim waste height</p> <p>Im a huge coffee snob and given London, or near me in London anyway the coffee is so bad I have 2 coffee machines a proper machine and a nespresso for emergencies. But most of all I love talking about digital customer experience, which Im fortunate enough to do at events around the world. </p> <p>Im most fortunate today though to be talking to you and I hope you enjoy what I have to share. Please do let me know on twitter @daveando and you can connect with me on Linked in as well. Im also open toconnecting to like minded people that I can collaborate, share, and learn from. </p> <p>We are always learning thats the main point. Not a day goes by in this digital world where something happens that doesnt shape our thinking, our understandingand its getting awfully disruptive fast. </p> <p>So lets get stuck in. 7</p> <p>Confidential, Dynatrace LLC</p> <p> milliseconds = 5 seconds</p> <p>Ok so before we get started I have a challenge for you. Can you please open up your browser in another window and punch in the url on the screen and enter the challenge to guess how quickly you think your website loads in terms of milliseconds. At the end of the webinar Ill be finding the person that was the closest to the mark, and theyll get a $75 gift voucher! Easy. So hopefully you are on the site nowit asks for milliseconds so 5000 milliseconds for instance is 5 seconds</p> <p>Why Im asking you to do this will make sense at the end of the webinar as we discuss why response times have a big impact on user experience. So now youve entered in your best guess. Lets crack on with the webinar. 8</p> <p>CX Part 1: Brand loyalty is deadBrand experiencehas never been more aliveConfidential, Dynatrace LLC</p> <p>Ive chunked this preso up into parts. Part 1 is our marketing worst nightmarebrand loyalty is dead. But on the flipside the good news is that brand experience has been more alive. To put this into context let me explain where we are today vs where we have been. 9</p> <p>This is my dad. I grew up in retail. Both my parents had retail stores, my Dad a Mitre 10 hardware store that he ran for 30 years (thats him there) and my Mum, a fashion store. I basically grew up on the premise that customer service was absolutely critical to the success of a business. </p> <p>You see in the past, customer service was in store. Dad was the face of this business. People would buy from him because of convenience but they would also buy from him because he chatted to them about the football, about their kids, about what they did on the weekend. He was the face of the store, the face of the brand, and people were loyal to him. </p> <p>But that was then. </p> <p>10</p> <p>Speak to the hand</p> <p>We are spending 2.5x times longer in apps than we did 2 year ago</p> <p>@daveando | dynatrace</p> <p>And this is today. Today we dont care for peoplewe care for our phones. </p> <p>This photo is from a tram in Melbourne and its sad for two reasonsone reason is that guy in the middle there with the black checkered shirthe has purchased a coffee from a petrol station. Cmon mateget off your phone, and get some cultureyou dont buy coffees from seven elevens. </p> <p>But secondly its sad because everyone is engaged in their phone. They are not interacting with each other, they are not looking up, they are not talking. Research suggest we are spending more time in these apps than we ever have before. 2.5 times longer than we did 2 years ago. </p> <p>11</p> <p>Design for mobile first- app and responsive 61% of millennials will use their device in store for pricing and product reviews65% will do more mobile shopping than they did last year75% will abandon a buggy app and shop elsewhere2.5x times longer in apps than we did 2 year ago</p> <p>And you look down at your own device. When is the last time you had a physical engagement with a brand. Do you even want that? Do you want to speak with your telco, insurance company, or bank? </p> <p>The reality is our brand experience is now wrapped in a deviceand weve got a healthy appetite. But also if we are let down, by a service not being up to standard, well abandon that app or service for another one. And our ability to switch gets easier every day as new services arrive via app stores from international start ups. 12</p> <p>Software is eating the worldConfidential, Dynatrace, LLC</p> <p>TRAVEL</p> <p>MEDIA </p> <p>TELCO AND COMMS</p> <p>RETAIL</p> <p>Performance is non-negotiable. People are spoilt for choice and thirsty for new </p> <p>@daveando | dynatrace</p> <p>In every industry software is running our lives. </p> <p>Alibaba is the worlds leading retailer and they have dont own inventory, the media companies dont produce mediawell only recently has Netflix started.Airbnb and uber disrupting the travel industry without hotel rooms or car ownership and then telcos are in the line of fire from apps that simply connect using their infustrcuture to provide better and simpler connectivity. </p> <p>The point to all these isthere is never 1. There is always 2-3-4, so competition is rifedont like one app, use another. Brand loyalty is dead. 13</p> <p>70% of the 2005 Fortune 1000 companiesdon't exist anymore</p> <p>Kienbaum87% companies think that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity</p> <p>Capgemini</p> <p>Digital Disruption.Its happening70% of companies would "attempt" to go digital but only 30% of those would succeedCISCO</p> <p>@daveando | @dynatrace</p> <p>Which is where this disruption is coming from. But we talk about disruption but consider this fact 70% of the fortune 1000 since the year 2005 dont exist anymore. The biggest companies in the world are disappearing faster than ever as software driven, UX obsessed companies come into the market offering something better and something easier. The reality is we are all talking digitalbut most of us are not succeeding? Why not? Typically its because we dont have the skills, we are affriad for change, we dont know how to change and we dont have the visions and tools to make it happen. 14</p> <p>@daveando | @dynatrace</p> <p>But disruption is happening and its impacting not just business, its impacting society. This is the reaction by the taxi industry in France... Singapore and China are examples of where the industry adapted fast enough to fend off these markets the local vendors are dominant not Uber. They learnt from Uber, adapted, and delivered a better experience that is more convenent for the end user. 15</p> <p>Digital mastery is wizardry Confidential, Dynatrace LLC</p> <p>,000 Different Android Versions up 28%3rd party components on websites up 22% Amazon releases new software every 11.1 secs1.6 million transactions a day200,000 lines of code7000 servers0.5 sec increase in response time costs 11% in revenue@daveando | @dynatrace</p> <p>China Singles Day 70% mobileCloud and Micro services emerge as a new normal </p> <p>Whilst it seems so simple for a start upthe reality is digital delivery is like wizardy. At the edge we have end usersyou and mewho are using more different operating systems, devices, and apps than ever. And each of these apps are interconnected with apis that connect to facebook, google, and other 3rd party servicescan you believe there are 24k different android device types and each one can reac havoc on the end user experience. A failed GPS tracking locationimagine what that does to your experience with Uber, or running apps like Nike, Runtastic</p> <p>We are more mobile than ever. China singles day 70% of the transactions were on a mobilebut let me ask you? Do you still design for mobile or desktop first? I bet desktopmobile is just a bolt on post desktop designbut weve got it the wrong way around</p> <p>Response times and speed of websites and apps has never been more importantIll go into that shortlybut we are talking hundreds of milliseconds. Who is taking care of this for you? Who is making sure milliseconds matter. And then in the deep dark world of IT development and operations they are dealing with all this and more. Cloud, microservices, security breaches and the need to roll out more features faster than ever. Can you believe amazon releases a new piece of code every 11.1 seconds.wozzers. And all it takes is one line of code, in a sea of millionsto cause you the end user to crack it </p> <p>But just when you thought this was complex enough we start getting obsessed. 16</p> <p>And we start putting technology into everything. Can you believe that last quarter 3/4s for mobile activations were cars and not people. We are sticking smarts into air conditioners, TVs, front doors, cars, powerpoints, hotel rooms, we are connecting to the internet on planes, trains, boats...its getting more and more complex isnt it. And hard to see the end user and harder to ensure that everything is working. 17</p> <p>And then you consider that most of the world today ...lives inside this circle. China, India, Philiphines...these folks havent matured yet...just wait until the billions in this market get mature...and start to dominate new markets...18</p> <p>Rise of the dragon</p> <p>By 2018 ecommerce in China will have tripled the US ecommerce economy</p> <p>Take China for instancethey will be 3 times the size of the US retail market by 2018. 3 times!!! So you know why we are all scrambling to take advantage of markets like this. Building websites and apps for Chinese marketsbut those that have tried will know how hard it is. 19</p> <p></p> <p>China is a very difficult market to deliver a seemless experience. You cant take your Australian website, translate it, add a .cn and expect the users to be satisfied. All the features we had to our sitesfrom Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are blocked. WE must host the site in Hong Kong not in AWS Sydneyand even if you follow the rule book and check off some of the more technical aspects of delivering a great experienceit will still be hard. </p> <p>If you want to learn more about marketing into china jot down that url or wait until we send the deck around after to learn how I picked up issues, key lessons to resolve, and how we at Dynatrace helps REA Group deliver a great experience in China. 20</p> <p>Confidential, Dynatrace LLC</p> <p>Make it work or </p> <p>But lets cut all this fear and change and disruption and lets be practical for a second. </p> <p>But what does this mean for you. Someone running an ecommerce website, or maybe Marketing director running your corporate site. </p> <p>The key lessons are People expect an uber like experience with their apps. These apps work everytime, they are fast, they rarely crash. Which means your website, and your application needs to do the same. Our expectations evolve daily (even if our fashion doesnt) we expect a faster site today than we did last year. We expect less failures than we have. And we want more features than we had. 21</p> <p>But unfortunately Software is developed by humans. At least it is today. And humans cut corners, make mistakes, and well they like to go to the pub. But thats the people who make the software. </p> <p>But those that use the software. Well we are awesome arent we. We are perfectwe dont make mistakeswe everything to be better today than it was yesterday. And it needs to be really really quick. Even if Im an under ground car park, on an old iphone, with 3G connection. </p> <p>So weve reached this really critical tipping point. </p> <p>we want more features, more functions, more connections, and we want it now and we want it faster than ever. </p> <p>You see the problem dont you. two things are going to have a hard time co-existing. We are asking for more features, more functions, and at the same time we are asking for it to be faster, and to be rolled out quicker. And we knowwhat happens when functionality doesnt go the way it should? We go from perfectly normal, sane rational individuals, to complete pyscopaths in the space of 2 seconds. </p> <p>Because Speed and having an app / website that works matters right? </p> <p>But the reality is we are not making it work. 24</p> <p>CX Part 2: Digital channels fail = business failsConfidential, Dynatrace LLC</p> <p>Part 2 of this webinar is switching gears to ensure we understand the impact of website and app failures and what we can do about it. This part is critical. The reality today isif your digital channels are your businessthen if these failyou fail. 25</p> <p>Confidential, Dynatrace LLC</p> <p>You cant talk about website performance errors without bringing this up this week can we? Seriously what a mess. This was a mess up on s...</p>