SAVIC Cross Industry GST

SAVIC Cross Industry GST

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  1. 1. CrossIndustry@SAVI With GST Solution SAVIC Solution for Cross Industry SAP S/4HANA Finance MaterialManagement Sales, Shipping & Billing General Ledger AssetAccounting InventoryAccounting AccountsPayable AccountsReceivable Revenue&CostAccounting ClosingOperations AP&ARCockpits FinancialReporting CostManagement ProductCostManagement CostAnalysis ProfitabilityAnalysis Embedded Templates & Forms No Reconciliation Simplified Journal Entries Minimize errors with SAP Fiori Domestic Procurement Contract & Scheduling Service Procurement Scrap Management Materials Requirement Planning Sub-Contracting Consumable Procurement Batch & Serial No. Management Manage Ext. & Int. Shortages Manage Issues & Shortages Track Overall Material Flow Simplified Stock Postings Inquiry / Quotation/ Orders Sales Order Fulfillment Cockpit Credit Management Pricing, Discounts & Rebates Shipping & Transportation Optimize Delivery & Billing Sales Return Domestic & Export Sales Intercompany Sales Third Party Sales Consignment Sales Complaints / Batch Recall Tax Registration Master Data Maintenance,Business partner tax data, GST Accounts Tax Configuration & Computation Intra-State transactions CGST and SGST is applicable Inter-State and Import Transactions IGST Applicable Export Transactions Zero Rates (No Tax) Document Numbering : Unique sequential numbering for outgoing GST invoices GST Input & Output tax posting Separate accumulation of credit and payables for CGST ,SGST , IGST Automatic Tax posting to respective accounts from business processes. Reporting, Tax Register (CGST,SGST,IGST), Registration level segregation Business Process Localization, Mapping and Accounting Sales Processes, Procurement Processes, Stock Transfers, Subcontracting GST Commercial invoice generation. Localization India GST* Production Planning & Control Quality Management SAP HANA Views / CDS & SAP Fiori User Experience (OPTIONAL) Sales & Operations Planning Demand Management Capacity Planning FIORI-Based MRP Make-To-Stock/Order Prod. Monitor Production Orders Available to Promise Product Costing Rework Processing Co-Product & By-Product Recipe Management Quality Planning Quality Inspection Quality Control Audit Management Quality Certificates Quality Notifications Test Equipment Management Stability Study Pre-delivered HANA Views Flexible reporting Quick Start and customizable Easy- to-use interface Balance of General Ledger Account Profit Center Analysis FS for New General Ledger Financial Statement Analysis Manufacturing Order Item Queries Capacity Requirement Manufacturing Order Operation Simulate Supply Alternatives +8%Production Plan & Actual Control * -19%Production Cost (Tight Monitoring) * -18%Trading Sales Outstanding * -48%Service Cycle & Response 2 Customer * PHASE 02PHASE 01 *SAP Performance Benchmarking Project Duration 08 WEEKS FI MM SD with GST PHASE 01 starting from 65.00 k /Month* INR *Price is valid only if the depending SAP licenses & Amazon Web Service procured from SAVIC *On boarding cost 5 Lakhs Phone :+91 22 41312234/35/36 PLEASE CONTACT 5 Forms and 10 Reports, Legacy Data Migrations *Indicative Solution design is based on the Model GST Law. Final solution and pricing may change as per the Notified Act. 30 SAP User Licenses Phase wise Deployment FI, MM, SD, WITH GSTPP, QM 52.20Lakhs Onwards*