Mobile automation using selenium cucumber & appium

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Text of Mobile automation using selenium cucumber & appium

  • Mobile Automationusing

    Selenium-Cucumber & Appium

  • About Us

    Shreyas Patil :QA Engineer at Vertis Microsystems LLP

    Sameer Sawant :QA Engineer at Vertis Microsystems LLP

  • Agenda

    - Why Mobile Automation?

    - Introduction to Selenium-Cucumber

    - Why and What is Selenium-Cucumber

    - Introduction to Appium

    - Setting up things

    - Demonstration

  • Why Mobile Automation ?

  • Increased Number of Mobile Users

  • Variety of Mobile Phones

  • Many Platforms

  • Automate, make your life easier!

  • Introduction to selenium-cucumber

  • Why selenium-cucumber?

    Selenium-cucumber is a behavior driven development (BDD) approach to

    write automation test script to test Desktop Web and Android Web, Apps .

    It enables you to write and execute automated acceptance, unit tests.

    It is cross-platform, open source and free.

    Automate your test cases with minimal coding.

    Code efficient and time efficient.

    Get well formatted test reports.

  • What is selenium-cucumber?

    Its a combination of Selenium-Webdriver and Cucumber

    Everybody knows about Selenium-Webdriver. Need to explain?

    About cucumber - it's plain text DSL which follows Given, When Then


  • Predefined steps

  • selenium-cucumber architecture

  • Introduction to Appium

  • Appium is an open source test automation framework for automating

    native, hybrid and mobile web apps

    Appium is cross-platform it allows you to write tests against multiple

    platforms (iOS, Android)

    It uses JSON wire protocol internally to interact with iOS and Android

    native apps using the Selenium WebDriver.

    About Appium

  • Architecture - Overview

  • Setting up things

    Ruby 1.9.3 or 2.0.0


    Selenium-Cucumber gem version >= 2.1.2


    Android SDK API >= 17

    Java (Required for Android SDK)

  • Get Selenium-Cucumber gem

    gem install selenium-cucumber

  • Generate skeleton- selenium-cucumber gen

  • Setting Up Appium

    Appium UI

  • Setting Up Appium

    Using command

    1. Install nodjs2. hit command npm install -g appium

  • Android Web Automation Demo

    Download Example :

  • Android App Automation Demo

    Download Example :

  • Now lets try bit complicated example

    Download Example :

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