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Store Credit Pro Extension by MageWorld was developed to increase customers willingness to pay for any goods and services. With the availability of Store Credit Pro, store owners allow customers to buy credit by cash, get credit when returning products, send and receive credit from friends, also. Store Credit Pro offers an efficient payment method for both customers and store owners. Customers just have to charge credit account one time only then use it to purchase many times. It is also convenient for store owners when customers returning products, instead of refunding by money via multiple steps they just add credit to customer account directly. How Store Credit Pro Extension Works With Store Credit Pro, there are several ways for customers to get credit as follows: + Use cash to buy store credit. Recharge one time and use for many purchases. + Receive credit from their friends, who are also store customers and have credit. + Be given credit manually by admin. By this ways, store owner can encourage customers to buy more. Especially, when your Magento store run a promotion program that offers customers free credit, or store owners want to give incentives for customers to use credit to buy other products when returning products. Once customers have credit in their store credit account, they can use it on order, tax and shipping fee. Depending on admin setup, the amount of credit customer can use on a product might be different. Besides, customers can share their credit with friends, even when their friend is not store customer. Detailed Features of Store Credit Pro Extension: + To encourage customers to spend on your products, admin can add some more credit to their account manually. + Store Credit Pro Extension allows you to refund customers by credit instead of transferring money to their banks account or force them to come your store. Moreover, with your store credit instead of money, they must use that credit on your store products. That means you dont lose a customer. + In addition to being added credit by store owners, customer can buy credit by cash. This can be a wonderful tool for storeowner to run promotion such as buy $150 credit by only $120. Also, by buying credit only one time, customers can use credit for many further purchases. This way is very convenient and time-saving for both customers and store owners. + After getting credit in your store, customer can use them on purchases, sharing with friends. By installing Store Credit Pro Extension, there will be more people engage in your store, sales will increase, certainly. Magento Compatibility + Community 1.4.x - 1.9.x + Enterprise N/A Visit Store Credit Pro Page:


<ul><li> 1. STORE CREDIT PRO Handle Customer Credit Professionally Store Credit Pro Magento Extension Provider: MageWorld Website: </li> <li> 2. For Customers Get credit when returning products Share credit with friends Convenient payment method </li> <li> 3. Convenient payment method STORE CREDIT ACCOUNT Recharge one time - use to purchase many times </li> <li> 4. Get credit when returning products No need to come back to store or long time waiting for money back to bank account </li> <li> 5. Share credit with friends Sharing store credit with friends makes shopping more interesting </li> <li> 6. For store owners Refund by credit Add credit manually Discount credit card </li> <li> 7. Refund by credit Instead of refunding by cash via multiple steps, store owner just add credit to customer account directly. </li> <li> 8. Add credit manually To encourage customers to spend on your products, admin can add some more credit to their account manually </li> <li> 9. Discount store credit card $120 $150 Allowing customers to buy credit can be a wonderful tool for storeowner to run promotion. </li> <li> 10. For more Information Visit Store Credit Pro extension Page: Try Store Credit Pro extension Live Demo: Discover Store Credit Pro extension User Guide: </li> </ul>