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  • 2016 IBM Corporation

    IBM Analytics

    Informix MQTT Listener new in 12.10.xC7

    Shawn Moe Architect, IBM AnalyticsJune 2016

  • 2016 IBM Corporation2

    Detailed Solution Architecture

    NoSQL SQL Translation

    Wire Listeners for MongoDB,

    REST & MQTT protocols

    SQLI & DRDA Protocol Support

    Relational tables, JSON

    Collections, Time Series, and

    Spatial Data Support

    REST Client



    SQLI Client

    DRDA Client

    MQTT Client



    Informix Wire



    Time Series

    JSON Collection

    Relational Table

  • 2016 IBM Corporation3

    MQTT Listener

    MQTT (from

    MQ Telemetry Transport

    PUBlish-SUBscribe, extremely simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for

    constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks

    ideal for machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, and for

    mobile applications where bandwidth and battery power are at a premium

    Feature overview

    In addition to the Mongo and REST listeners, there is now a new MQTT listener type in the

    Informix Wire Listener that allows MQTT clients to publish data to Informix


    This feature is geared towards IOT environments where devices on the edge need an easy,

    lightweight way to publish (insert) data into the Informix database server.


  • 2016 IBM Corporation4

    MQTT Listener

    Wire Listenerlistener.type=mqtt


    DeviceMQTT protocol:










  • 2016 IBM Corporation5

    MQTT Listener

    Set listener.type=mqtt in the configuration file

    The MQTT Listener only supports PUBLISHING data to a topic, which maps

    to inserting data in the Informix database server

    The MQTT Listener does NOT currently support SUBSCRIBE


  • 2016 IBM Corporation6


    In MQTT, you PUBLISH to a topic name

    The topic name should be in the format dbname/tablename which maps to the database and

    table name where the data will be inserted

    The MQTT Listener supports PUBLISH to collections, relational tables, and

    timeseries tables where the data stored within the timeseries is BSON

    The data in the payload of the MQTT PUBLISH message should be a JSON

    string representation of the data to be inserted into the Informix database


  • 2016 IBM Corporation7


    Publishing to a timeseries table

    We only support publishing to a BSON timeseries i.e. the timeseries row type must contain a

    timestamp field and a single BSON field that contains the rest of the data.

    The MQTT listener uses the Timeseries High Speed Loader routines to insert data into the

    timeseries table on the database server

    To configure the number of JDBC connections used for each timeseries table while loading data

    through the Timeseries Loader routines, you can set timeseries.loader.connections in the

    listener properties file

    The default value is timeseries.loader.connections=10

    The data sent in the MQTT payload must be in JSON format

    It must contain the timeseries primary key column(s), the timestamp, and any fields to be included in the

    BSON part of the timeseries


  • 2016 IBM Corporation8


    Publishing to a collection

    The data sent in the MQTT payload must in JSON format

    The listener will convert this to a BSON document and use an INSERT prepared statement to

    insert it into the collection table

    Publishing to a relational table

    The data sent in the MQTT payload must in JSON format, where the keys of the JSON

    document must map to columns in the relational table

    The listener will use an INSERT prepared statement to insert the data into the relational table


  • 2016 IBM Corporation9

    Authentication with MQTT

    If authentication is enabled in the listener (authentication.enable=true), the

    MQTT CONNECT packet must include the user name and password.

    Because the listener requires that a user authenticates to a particular database, the username

    must be in the format dbname.username


    username mydb.joe

    password pass4joe

    When connecting and authenticating users with the MQTT listener, you can

    use MongoDB-CR authentication or Informix PAM authentication. You

    cannot use the SCRAM-SHA1 authentication that is supported in the Mongo

    listener typexC7

  • 2016 IBM Corporation10

    Sample Java Code

    Some sample Java code for publishing to the MQTT listener, based on the Paho Java MQTT client



  • 2016 IBM Corporation11

    MQTT client libraries

    MQTT libraries are available for most any programming language

    See for a list of MQTT

    libraries by language