Event Report - Microsoft Build 2016 - All about building next generation applications

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>1#Build2016Build 2016 Day #2 Keynote TakeawaysAzure Build out now in 30 countries more than AWS and GCP combinedBuild your mobile Apps with Microsoft tools Xamarind is free!IoT IoT Starter kits, Hub Device Mgmt and Gateway SDK make it easierAzure Service Fabric Make your Microservices based apps better.DocumentDB Ready for more exposure, dont always go for MongoDB. Please build Office Apps, there is 1B Users out there and we have Graph APIGreat Microsoft technology shown by ISVs and enterprises in @Guggs showSummary: Azure is ready for prime time, build UWP apps, and please somd more Office Apps. </p> <p> 2010-2016 HMCC &amp; Constellation Research, Inc. All rights reserved.</p> <p>2#Build2016MyPOVMost coherent Build ever all Conversation as a Platform (CaaP) and AzureMIA: Hardware (except Hololens), SQL Server, App Servers, Azure Stack (!)Kudos to Microsoft for a bold vision with CaaP and shipping all enabling tools to developers at the point of unveiling the visionNextGenApps like CaaP enabling bots and mobile will have to fuel Azure growth post Office conversions to the cloudHololens ships, is ready, now its time to build apps. 1st time Microsoft owns and controls complete platform, the headable PC. Summary: Microsoft makes it easy for developers to build next genApps now it needs them to build them.</p> <p> 2010-2016 HMCC &amp; Constellation Research, Inc. All rights reserved.</p>