Enterprise Performance Planning

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Massive scale with no fear and no secrets for Apigee and our customers. Both for our cloud or their data centers. At I Love APIs 2014 Nicola Cardace, a global performance practice lead at Apigee along with Aaron Strey, senior engineer at Target walked us through a customer success story. A journey into zen-like discipline, obsessive customer focus where the secrets of the mastery will be disclosed. A report about the delivery of architectures at scale and how Apigee applies thought processes during a customer engagement.


<ul><li> 1. Enterprise Performance PlanningNicola CardaceGlobal Architect@n1c0la</li></ul> <p> 2. Apigee today Enterprise Grade (Highly Available) Geo-resilient Low latency Cloud hosted and On-premises2 3. Performance EngineeringCapacity PlanningIn the Cloud: We handle traffic surge We manage your capacity for growth in trafficOn-premise: We work with our customers plan, deploy and support3 4. Who plans for catastrophic success ?4 5. Working with customers Tools Process People5 6. Tools &amp; Tuning Gatling Yandex Tank curl-loader Distributed Jmeter Cassandra, Zookeeper &amp;infrastructure tools Java Virtual Machine System network TCP stack System, kernel parameters6 7. Process 24x7 Global Support and Operations CenterReal time monitoring for cloud hosted customersCustomer support and incident resolution7 8. People Expert Services from Apigee Guidance and deployment services from Accenture Professional services from Apigee8 9. Performance Testing APIs - TARGETAaron StreySenior Engineer@Strey203 10. Target experiences a once annualtraffic anomaly around Black Fridaythat drives a~10 fold increase in API traffic10 11. Generating LoadPerformance testing as a first class citizen11 12. Predicting TrafficMake everything as simple aspossible,but not simplerAlbert Einstein12 13. Log and Monitor all the things13 14. Test continuouslyand test for antifragility14 15. Thank you </p>


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