Engage your customers with interactive shopping catalog

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Engage your customers with interactive shopping catalog

Create advanced online catalog

Whoever you are, you always desire to enjoy the comfortable lives with the advanced technology.

To achieve a win-win situation, Flip PDF equips you the ability to create interactive catalog with its powerful functions. For example, you are able to create animated catalog with rich media and embedded into the E-commerce website for consumers to skim easily.

Distinguished Features

Vivid effect with multimedia

To build a comfortable shopping experiment, Flip PDF provides you many methods to enrich the content and entertain the customers. In Page Editor provided by Flip PDF, you can add videos, audios and a great number of pictures to engage your customers.

Distinguished Features

Humanized and personalized design

1.choose the background pictures & flash templates

2.add animate text or highlight the important content

3.insert hyperlinks, bookmarks & logo

4.the optional buttons and Auto-play effect.

Distinguished Features

Warm service with shopping cart

Just as you are in a supermarket, you can add product in your shopping cart. All your products can be put in the bookcase according to the categories. If the customers finish the shopping, what should they do? Dont worry, they can contact with you by e-mails with the contact button. You can have all those convenience if you use Flip PDF to create interactive shopping catalog.

Distinguished Features

Easily share with others

When sharing the interactive catalog, you are actually promote your business and brand. You are so lucky that Flip PDF enables you to share in two ways: email or share on sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. In this way, your digital catalogs are in a public stage which will contribute to more deal.

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