Convenient tool for compressing and editing your videos

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  1. 1. Video Optimization and Editing
  2. 2. Mobile Camera apps often have one video compression mode. Which is far from optimal. Example: iPad camera records video with the bitrate 15-25Mbps. 1 minute of video takes more than 100Mb of drive space! Its way above what is required to get good video. Modern smartphones and tablets have hardware capable of performing compression/editing of video even while youre recording it. Why optimize?
  3. 3. Optimization example Original iPad 1080p video. 8s video is 21Mb. Same video optimized for size. This file is 2Mb in size. iPad video can be compressed up to 10 times with reasonable quality loss.
  4. 4. - You have a video that you want to share/stream quickly but 3G/Wi-Fi is not in reach or jammed. Optimized file will be uploaded up to 10x times faster. - You have limited drive space, no quick access to extra storage but a lot of video to record. With optimization you can record up to 10x more hours of video. When do we need optimization?
  5. 5. YES. We can do: - Video players (play from local file or from network stream) - Video convertors/editors - Video streamers (for video conferencing, web cam apps, network media servers) - Video effects (picture-in-picture, face effects, 2D/3D effects and many more). Is there anything else you can do with video?
  6. 6. Using most elaborated cross-platform video frameworks we can implement video solutions on both client and server side under any widely used desktop, server or mobile OSes: - Windows - Mac OS - Linux - iOS - Android What platforms do we support?
  7. 7. THANK YOU