Best Practices for Fundraising in Luminate Online

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By Paul St Onge


<ul><li> 1. Best Practices for Fundraising in Luminate Online PRESENTED BY HJC </li> <li> 2. 10 Small Changes to Make a Big Impact 2 #bbcon </li> <li> 3. How many of you are using Email Interests in Luminate Online? </li> <li> 4. 4 #bbcon Email Interests Building Close Relationships Managing Opt-outs </li> <li> 5. List Attrition Risks Member Benefits Healthy Eating Tips Upcoming Events Latest News </li> <li> 6. Linking Email Interests to Campaigns Campaign </li> <li> 7. Setting up Email Interests Constituent360, open interests page. Click the Create a New Interest Category link. Define the interest name, security, level and type. Determine opt-in / opt-out settings. Click Save. </li> <li> 8. Where to find Email Interests? </li> <li> 9. Setting up Interests </li> <li> 10. How do I find out what my constituents are interested in? Surveys / Forms User Profiles Opt-outs </li> <li> 11. Sign-up Forms </li> <li> 12. Use to conditionalize e.g to display a link to gift service center when it is a monthly donor and a link to the monthly donation form when not Use to personalize e.g. to say Welcome John Doe Use to insert Component s like the receipt request component Use to link to different Convio pages </li> <li> 13. When setting up a member center Create a version for logged in users Create a version for logged out users Provide links to the member center on your website + emails + set up an easy url so you can verbally share the link Start simple and build up functionality </li> <li> 14. How many of you are using Surveys in Luminate Online? </li> <li> 15. Surveys </li> <li> 16. A Good Supporter Survey Should: Collect demographic information Collect information on giving potential and interests Collect information on first interest and interaction with your charity Find legacy bequests Collect information on communication preferences Integrate back into your CRM for future marketing opportunities &amp; segmentation Help you build profiles / personas </li> <li> 17. New Supporter Welcome </li> <li> 18. Incentivize </li> <li> 19. Case Study: Sick Kids Foundation Supporter survey sent out to: Collect demographic information Collect information on giving interests Find legacy bequests Identify communication preferences. Much More! </li> <li> 20. Case Study: Sick Kids Foundation Survey: Sent to 57,400 donors 3 key segments: Monthly, Active &amp; Lapsed Shared budgeting! Linked to records </li> <li> 21. 30-50 % Open 4-6% CTR </li> <li> 22. Setting up a query </li> <li> 23. Embed Survey on PageBuilder </li> <li> 24. Embed Survey on PageBuilder </li> <li> 25. List Acquisition </li> <li> 26. Acquisition Results Advertising to drive online viewers to Global Peace Initiative homepage and sign up for newsletter Within 6 weeks almost 1000 new sign ups 2 part welcome series sent to new sign ups and then looped into ongoing monthly eUpdates First 6 months 0% unsubscribe, avg open rage for eUpdates 21.7%, avg Clickthrough 6.2% </li> <li> 27. How many of you are using Premiums or Incentives in Luminate Online? </li> <li> 28. Set-up in ecommerce </li> <li> 29. Associate with a donation level </li> <li> 30. Use extra stuff to lift average gift Look at your direct mail program: Calendars Greeting cards Premiums Look at your events: T-shirts Hats Merchandise Corporate sponsor Look at your programs: Decals Recipe books Magazines </li> <li> 31. Calendar Premium Case Study </li> <li> 32. Premiums Work FREE calendar with purchase of $70 or greater in 2012, option to purchase up to 4 additional calendars for $20 each (but no more, and only if min. $70 was reached in their cart) Calendars could be sent with printed cards, if ecard or pdf card was selected we just mailed the calendar to the recipient In 2013, we had 153 instances of this premium upsell of 689 purchases (22% uptake) In 2012, we had 73 instances of this premium upsell of 521 purchases (14% uptake); we also sold an additional 21 calendars ($420 revenue) </li> <li> 33. How many of you are using Dynamic Gift Arrays in Luminate Online? </li> <li> 34. Dynamic Gift Arrays </li> <li> 35. Use Promo Codes to Sync Gift Arrays to DM </li> <li> 36. URL shortcuts </li> <li> 37. URL shortcuts </li> <li> 38. URL shortcuts </li> <li> 39. Source coding URLS See where your gifts are coming from, assess your campaigns Track offline/online/external links Render different content for different people Works for TeamRaiser, donations, surveys, eCommerce, Advocacy, Personal Fundraising See results in donation reports or interaction reports </li> <li> 40. Results $250,000 raised online 100% increase from last year $100,000 raised from mail recipients TV ads/ radio ads running at the same time. Set up adwords and raise $50,000 from that. </li> <li> 41. Giveaway </li> <li> 42. How many of you are customizing your Participant Center in TeamRaiser? </li> <li> 43. Participation Center Banner Proprietary &amp; Confidential 48 </li> <li> 44. Participant Center Banner Proprietary &amp; Confidential 49 1 2 3 4 Link to your website goes here. Image link goes here. </li> <li> 45. Participant Center Banner HTML Code: </li> <li> 46. Participant Centre Features hjc FUND 531: Advanced Fundraising 51 </li> <li> 47. Fully optimize the HTML content block Add images / buttons Update frequently with important news Populate dynamic content based on group membership or participant type Fundraising tips / tricks </li> <li> 48. Custom Centre </li> <li> 49. How many of you are using Coaching Emails in TeamRaiser? </li> <li> 50. Coaching Emails Coaching emails are ongoing communications to registered participants Keeps them engaged and focused on fundraising Create the experience for participants Technology will not do all the work for you! 2014-10-07 </li> <li> 51. Coaching Emails 56 #bbcon </li> <li> 52. Coaching Emails - Parameters Focus on Team Captains &amp; $0 Fundraisers First! </li> <li> 53. Ideas! Calls to Action Examples of such call-to-action statements include: Take 10 to send 10! (Take 10 mins to send 10 emails) Spread the Word! (Share a mission-related message with 5 people i.e. warning signs for heart attack/stroke) Fundraising Tips and Ideas Onboarding customize your fundraising page / upload a video Import your address book in 3 easy steps Hold drawings on a recurring basis that coincide with those calls-to-actions, so there is an incentive for your fundraisers to follow-through. For example, For all those who send 10 or more emails today, will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card for a free tank of gas! </li> <li> 54. Ideas! Oh, you are sooooo close email Important day-of event information Managing offline gifts tips Team Captain motivational messaging Reminders of Important Event Updates &amp; Incentives Weekly Fundraising Challenges Engagement/Education Features Interactive Elements (polls, tell-a-friends, tweets) Participant Training Tips Stories of Impact Stories from Past Participants Recognition of Participants Fundraising Goal Reminders Other ideas? </li> <li> 55. How many of you receive calls from confused participants trying to join or form a team? </li> <li> 56. Join/Form a Team </li> <li> 57. Join/Form a Team Problem: We are confusing our user. Solution: Have page title update based on what the user has se...</li></ul>


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