Agile transformation for the right business reasons

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Splash Water

Align your Agile transformation to your business goals Bruce Lee & the Agile Way

Aditya Nautiyal

Page #Be like water

Page #The moment of Truth

Agile implementation gone horribly wrong?Lack of alignment between business pains & vision and Agile transformations?Agile implementations being done just for their sake?

Processandceremonyoverbusiness value?

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Do it for the right business reason

Page #What are my customer values?What are my organizational values?Do my Agile transformations goals align with my Customer and Organizational values?

Align, align, align...

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No longer fully applicable

Page #Sufficient Governance?Sufficient Structure?Sufficient Metrics & Tools?

Large organization & going Agile?...Watch out!!!

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Matrixed organizations Limited access to Subject Matter ExpertiseLack of resource availabilityLack of implementation clarity across organization Technical Debt & DefectsShared requirements across teamsPotentially short term focus hence mounting pressureLack of Metrics and GovernanceTeamBarriers to success

Page #Change management paradigm

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Product & ServicesTeamsProgram


TeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamScrumKanbanKanbanTop-Down & Bottom-Up Lean thinking

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