Zippo: Share The Pain Campaign

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Zippo- #SharethePain Campaign

Zippo- #SharethePain Campaign

Case Study

Objective: #ShareThePain aimed to elevate the awareness of the strong emotional bond that exists between a Zippo lighter and its proud owner.

Insight: Zippos social mining proved that consumers go online to rant about losing their precious, much loved Zippo lighters. To engage Zippo fans around the world, Zippo rolled out a global integrated campaign designed to reach its target audience in a unique and compelling way. The campaign offered consumers a network of support to comfort them over the sadness of losing a precious Zippo lighter. To further support this insight we carried out a global survey on the most commonly lost objects and gathered interesting conclusions.

Execution: When consumers shared the pain of their lost Zippo lighters on social media, responding on behalf of Zippo was the toughest guy in the world - Jax No Pain McFlame. Jax is tough enough to endure any physical pain, but the emotional pain of losing a Zippo lighter breaks him.

Jax was on hand throughout the campaign to commiserate and counsel consumers and influencers who #ShareThePain of their lost Zippo lighters. Personalized responses and words of wisdom helped consumers through their tough time. In doing so, Zippo drew attention to just how precious and personal a Zippo lighter is to its owner.

Jaxs humor, wit, and tough love, intended to comfort consumers in their time of grief. Jax and the #ShareThePain campaign were introduced to consumers via a hilarious short film seeded out across key video sharing sites, traditional media relations activity, and social media. The campaign launch was supported with research from our lost survey which detailed the most commonly lost items around the world and which country spent the most time looking for their lost item.

The campaign crescendo saw Jax McFlame sending out almost instantaneous personalised video responses to consumers who posted about their lost Zippo lighter. All the campaign content was housed within the #ShareThePain micro-site, a hub for consumers to visit to see the trailer and also tell Jax about the latest item they have lost, which sparked an automated video response from Jax McFlame himself.

Over a 3 day period, a team of creatives, digital strategists, developers and producers filmed over 51 personalized video responses around the clock, responding to fans in real time about the pain and sadness of losing their Zippo lighter.

All markets supported the social elements of the campaign via traditional media, securing nearly 1,000 pieces of global coverage. Interesting stories of lost and found Zippo lighters from across the brands 82 year history were featured in leading publications around the world including GQ, Rolling Stone and ABC news channel to name a few.

Results:Stats: Total Coverage (India) : 284 clipsTotal Media Reach (India) : 104.6 millionOrganic increase of over 8,500 fans on Zippo Facebook and TwitterTotal Coverage (Global) : 1,000 clips The microsite received over 27,247 organic views during the 5 week campaignThe campaign reached over 3,401,898 individual consumer accounts on Facebook and TwitterThe campaign generated over 14,898,024 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter worldwide