Writing to Inspire: Bring Audiences to Act

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Text of Writing to Inspire: Bring Audiences to Act

Writing to inspire

Writing to inspireBring audience to action.

For every 100 followers you have, only 6 of them are going to see your content.



Want more engagementBoostsJoin the conversation on twitterFind where you audience hangs-out onlineReddit

Bringing clarity to your topic

Create a voiceBe the thought-leaderBe the how-stuff-works for complex topicsListacles

Writing fun, engaging emailsConstant contact, MailMunch, CakeMail.Add a subscribe to your blogUpload to Facebook for a look-a-like audienceUse non-subject, subject lines

Posting to social media in ways that create lasting connections

Use graphics Have fun with your page Always be ON

Communicating your value in under 30 seconds on the web

What is your connection?Tell me 3 thingsIn only 3 sentences

Start with you audienceWho is your audience?What do they want to know about?Learn from their engagement

Your Story

Dont shine the underside of the banister

Authentic images

BLOGConnect with your audience with humor that relates to the topOffer a simple (first person) voiceBe a person in a conversation

Blog ~ content ~ Sharing

Examples Ride the News WaveBe slightly controversial Connect with your audience

Self publish on Amazon

Thank You!

Merry christmas