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  • Be PresentConsistently tweet and share to show that

    you're a part of the community and a

    knowledgeable industry resource.

    Promptly RespondHave processes to ensure customers

    receive replies within a reasonable

    timeframe, even if it is just to indicate that

    youre on top of an issue.

    Participate in Twitter ChatsIndustry chats generate a warm and fuzzy

    feeling and enable you to form stronger

    connections through curated discussions.

    Schedule ContentYou can'tand shouldntbe on Twitter

    24/7, so give yourself a break and schedule

    relevant posts, but just be sure to watch your

    responses carefully.

    Search to ScaleIdentify keywords related to your industry

    and search around those terms, youll

    seek out new connections and grow your

    follower base.

    Acknowledge New FollowersSend a personalized "hello" or engage with

    a new followers recent tweet instead of

    sending automated direct messages.

    Make ListsTwitter lists are an excellent way to group

    people and brands you followyou can

    easily sort through your stream to address

    important tweets.

    Test and LearnMonitor tweets to see engagement levels,

    then take feedback and assess necessary

    changes to ensure you hit your goals.

    Forget Your Follower NumberBigger communities arent necessarily

    better, so don't get caught up in total

    followers, be authentic and your audience

    will grow naturally.

    Personalize Your ProfileComplete your profile and make it

    interesting, followers want to know who you

    are, what you do and where you're from.







    10 Ways to Engage on Twitter






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