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1. The creation of my logo In the creation of my horror production logo, I used my own graphics drawing pad so that I could make my logo look more neat professional. I firstly opened Photoshop and used the brush tool to paint a black background. I then downloaded a font called pr_uncial_creepy, as I thought it looked good and fitted in with my horror-slasher genre. I then came up with name of SLASHER Productions as I thought it fitted in with my genre. I then used the font which I downloaded to write SLASHER Productions. I then changed the colour of the text to red as red symbolizes blood and danger and therefore this once again links in with my genre of horror-slasher. Next, I got a picture of a knife from the internet and placed it in Photoshop, I then used the pen tool to neatly outline the outside of the knife, so that I could delete the white background around it. 2. Then I resized the knife and placed placed it behind the text that says SLASHER. I then used the rubber tool on a size of 12px with a hardness of 0 to rub out the middle of the knife behind the text, to make it look as though the knife is stuck through it. I then got a picture of a smiley face written in blood and rubbed the white background out from behind it. I then placed the smiley face next to the text as I thought it looked best in that position. I then added a copyright symbol to my logo, as I thought this made it look more professional. I then merged all of the layers together apart from the black background and moved them into the center of the black background. I then merged the black background layer in with the others and my logo was complete. 3. Fonts In the creation of my logo, I analyzed many different fonts that I thought would be suitable for the logo. I found a variety of fonts, which I thought would suit the logo, but I finally decided to go with a font called pr_uncial_creepy, which looks like it is dripping of blood. I chose this font because of the design of my logo, as I wanted to make the text look as though it had been stabbed with a knife and dripping of blood. Here are some of the fonts which I was considering using: