Social Media Marketing in Business World

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Social Media in Thailands Business World

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Social Media in Business World

Outstanding Social Media Campaigns in Thailand

Starbuck Coffee(Sip Sip Go)

1) Go to Starbuck website2) Vote 1 kind of drink3) Starbuck announced the most voted drink4) Starbuck draw the customers name who voted for that drink5) Announced the winner name using Facebook.

PTT Public Company Limited(Long rest, Long happiness)

1) Like the PTT companys facebook page2) Post the photo and comment about whats the most in your life?3) Hashtag #PTTBlueCard4) Share the companys activity post5) (Random for Go Pro camera)

Eazy FM(Running of the Brides)

1) Post your couple photo in (or) Instagram2) Write some caption about the photo3) Hashtag #EazyFM4) The most impressed 40 posts will be picked up5) The 40 winner couples run a race.6) The winner gets almost 2 million baht(5.5 million yen) wedding package.

Lactasoy Soymilk(Soy Law Young)

1) Download Lactasoy app using mobile phone2) Login with Facebook account3) Play the game4) Invite friends to get more chances to play the game several times5) Most highest score get the rewards

Singha Beer(Singha Samran)

1) Download Singha Samran app using mobile phone2) Check in at any pub or restaurant where Singha beer is available.3) Collect the points 4) Get the discount from many other brands

SPORTS BRANDSon Social Media


Brand pagesManyManyManyPage categorized byCountry and ProductCountry and ProductCountry and ProductMost popular pageAdidas OriginalNike FootballMain pagePost typePhoto and VideoPhoto and VideoPhoto and VideoMost contentProduct advertisingProduct and LifestyleProduct and LifestyleFrequencyUncertainDailyDailyInteraction with followersBarelyBarelySometimesFollowers26,156,523 people42,077,485 people1,061,701 people


Brand accountManyManyManyAccount categorized byCountry and ProductCountry and ProductCountry and ProductMost popular accountAdidas OriginalMain accountMain accountPost typePhoto and VideoPhoto and VideoPhoto and VideoMost contentProduct advertisingLifestyle and irrevalant postProduct and LifestyleFrequencyDailyWeeklyDailyInteraction with followersBarelyBarelySometimesFollowers8.3m people27.6m people1.2m people


Brand channels16 channels14 channels4 channelsChannel categorized byProductProductProductMost popular channelAdidas FootballNike FootballMain channelMost contentFamous football playersFootball skillsBroadly(sports)FrequencyDailyTwice a weekTwice a weekInteraction with subscribersBarelyBarelyBarelySubscribers796,297 people2,299,122 people15,563 people