Safeguarding children and young people online UoA staff seminar march 2014

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Staff Seminar, University of Auckland 2014. Research has shown that the consequences of grooming, sexting and cyberbullying are devastating for school-aged young people, yet New Zealand lags behind international best practice with no national educational initiatives. This project will explore students, teachers and stakeholders knowledge of online safety with the overall goals of knowledge translation and formulating change. The project will achieve this aim by: exploring needs and identifying existing provision of educational initiatives; developing recommendations; and, implementing these recommendations. Outputs will address significant health and social issues in New Zealand, fill a national gap in research and knowledge, and ultimately safeguard young people online. This project is in its infancy and the implications of conversations to date with educationalists and stakeholders was discussed.


<ul><li>1.Safeguarding Children and Young People Online Dr. Claire Meehan University of Auckland </li></ul> <p>2. Young Peoples Internet Usage Time spent online Online-offline blurring Risks and harms 3. My Research 1: Drug Harms Abundance of unregulated information Polarisation of information Addition of online peers Blurring of online-offline persona Drug user as drug educator Increased risk of harm 4. Sexting, Sexploitation and Grooming Impacts: Wider society Community Family and friends individual 5. Education, information and training United Kingdom Australia New Zealand 6. Roastbusters in he New Zealand Media 7. Impact of this attention The need to educate young people Shines a light on cyberbullying Can be too narrow does not focus on drug/ alcohol harms or sexual harms More money for research: new projects and evaluations of existing programmes 8. Prevention and Education Information technology now forms an integral part of the education system in many countries We should not try to censor the Internet Raising awareness for young people Raising awareness for parents and teachers Secure online environments A collaborative approach 9. My Research 2 Exploratory conversations with educationalists and stakeholders in New Zealand Aims, objectives and methodology Desired outputs Comments and suggestions welcome! 10. Thank you! </p>


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