[Report] Top Banks on Social Media for June 2014

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Top Banks on Social Media (India)June, 2014</p> <p>HIGHLIGHTS:</p> <p>HDFC bank has overtaken Yes bank in the month of June on social media. HDFC bank performs the best on social media followed by ICICI Bank. Yes Bank was the most social bank last month.AXIS Bank &amp; ICICI Bank fared the best on Facebook. They have the highest Facebook score of 92 &amp; 90 respectively, but they did not do exceptionally well on Twitter.Yes Bank has achieved the highest score on Twitter in the last month. This could be because of their Twitter campaigns around the World cup that fetched them visibility on the platform. Standard Chartered and Citibank India dont have Twitter handles specifically for India. Their scores are determined only by their Facebook activities. This is the reason for their low score compared to other banks.ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank &amp; HDFC led the industry in terms of Facebook fans over the last three months, However Facebook page of SBI Bank has the highest growth in fans over the last three months</p> <p>RankCompany nameSSI SCORE (June14)SSI SCORE (May14)1HDFC Bank80682ICICI Bank77763Yes Bank66894Axis Bank65585Kotak Mahindra Bank45456SBI Bank43327IDBI Bank34398Citibank India24259Standard Chartered Bank India1519MOST SOCIAL BANKS (INDIA)SSI refers to Simplify360 Social Index. Arrow indicate increase/decrease in scores compared to previous month</p> <p>PARAMETER WISE BREAKUP OF SCORESFinal index is a function of Buzz score, Facebook score and Twitter scoreBANK BUZZ SCOREFACEBOOK SCORETWITTER SCOREOVERALL SCOREHDFC Bank92676880ICICI Bank83905077Yes Bank58678266Axis Bank67923665Kotak Mahindra Bank42336545SBI Bank50334043IDBI Bank33422634Citibank India2545024Standard Chartered (India)1725015</p> <p>SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ OF BANKS IN THE LAST 3 MONTHSEARNED VS OWNED MEDIA BREAKUP</p> <p>Share of mentions of brands on social media (Owned media and earned media breakup), June 2014HDFC BANK HAS THE HIGHEST SHARE OF VOICEShare of mentions of brands on social media (Owned + earned media), June 2014In terms of social media mentions, Top 3 firms cover 70% of the buzz </p> <p>ICICI BANK, AXIS BANK &amp; HDFC BANK WERE THE LEADERS ON FACEBOOKPerformance of Indian banks on Facebook, June 2014Bank Industry, India, Source: Simplify360Size of the bubble represents the percentage of engaged fans to the total fans on the page</p> <p>LEADERS</p> <p>People Talking about No. of fans</p> <p>FACEBOOK FANS GROWTH IN THE LAST 3 MONTHSICICI BANK HAS THE HIGHEST SHARE OF FANS ON FACEBOOKShare of fans on Facebook, June 2014</p> <p>Size of the bubble represents the number of tweets sent from the official twitter handleYES BANK IS THE UNDISPUTED LEADER ON TWITTERLEADERS</p> <p>Performance of Indian banks on Twitter, June 2014Bank Industry, India, Source: Simplify360TWITTER FOLLOWERS IN THE LAST 3 MONTHSMethodologySimplify360s proprietary listening tool is used for collecting the data and counting the number of mentions for each company. </p> <p>The parameters considered for Twitter and Facebook were also gathered through Simplify360. For brands having multiple Twitter profiles their main official account is taken into consideration. </p> <p>Total 9 banks were considered in the analysis. A total of 62 thousands social media conversations analyzed in June.</p> <p>Geography considered: IndiaPeriod of analysis: June 1 to June 30, 2014</p> <p>Simplify360 The Leader of Social Business IntelligenceMost admired brand for Social Media Research on SlideshareTop 10 Product Technology Company by TechSparks 2010Listed amongst TOP 10 SMM tools by PR2020 and SocialMedia8</p> <p>Social Business Intelligencewww.simplify360.comSimplify360 is the leading social business intelligence firm.</p> <p>Offerings include:Social Marketing Suite for agenciesSocial Contact Centre for BPOsSocial Command Centre for Enterprises</p> <p>We enable businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research &amp; Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis.</p> <p>15Leaders use Simplify360ClientsPartners</p> <p>Worldwide</p> <p>Brazil and LatAM</p> <p>Saudi Arabia</p> <p>USA</p> <p>Worldwide</p> <p>Singapore &amp; India</p> <p>THANK YOUconnect with us</p>