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<ol><li> 1. BULLSEYE WORLDWIDE Ramadan on Facebook </li><li> 2. RAMADAN ON FACEBOOK Ramadan has always been the time to strenghten the family bonds. Since the popularity of mobile usage is increasing on a daily basis in Middle East, this kind of interactions are also taking place on Facebook. We analized the data at hand to comprehend the ways how Ramadan is celebrated. https://goo.gl/wN3J5a </li><li> 3. FACEBOOK REACHES MORE PEOPLE ON MOBILE IN MENA monthly mobile users daily mobile users 65m 36m </li><li> 4. people in MENA talking about Ramadan and Eid RAMADAN CONNECTIONS HAPPEN ON FACEBOOK posts about Ramadan and Eid in MENA 14.6m 47.6m </li><li> 5. MOBILE IS THE FIRST-SCREEN FOR INTERACTIONS 2xmore people on Facebook on mobile vs desktop across Ramadan in MENA more content uploaded to Facebook from mobile vs desktop across Ramadan in MENA 2x </li><li> 6. SMARTPHONES ARE DRIVING A SHIFT FROM TEXT TO VISUAL COMMUNICATION more photo posts vs status updates on Facebook during Ramadan of daily Facebook users in the UAE watch at least one video a day 2x &gt;50&amp; </li><li> 7. RAMADAN IS AN INCLUSIVE CELEBRATION of Ramadan chatter on Facebook is from people</li></ol>