Providence Health & Services: How we use Twitter to engage, inspire, and grow, presented by Mary Renouf

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Member Meeting 2October 25, 2016New York CityLearn more about Member Health & ServicesMary RenoufHow we use Twitter to engage, inspire, and growHOW WE USE TWITTER TO ENGAGE, INSPIRE AND GROWPresented by: Mary RenoufFind me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium as @MaryRenoufWHAT OUR SOCIAL PROGRAM SUPPORTS*BRANDS* *SERVICE LINES* *EXECUTIVES* *CLINICIANS**FOUNDATIONS* *TALENT ACQUISITION**HOSPITALS/CLINICS**SENIOR SERVICES**INNOVATIONS/VC*HOW WE USE SOCIALBuild enduring relationships with consumers by translating their needs into actions that drive sustainable profitable growthOUR SOCIAL ECOSYSTEM: TWITTER MD onboarding Brand campaigns Product/Service Seminars/Events Brand campaigns Products/Services Seminars/Events Live events/Q&A Patient stories Inspirational msgs Live events Iconic moments Institute stories Product/Service Educational videos Thoughtleadership/Blogs MD onboarding Product Announce Service recovery Engagement msgs Targeted tips Service recovery Live engagement Targeted msgs Tips/Tricks Hashtag targeting Feature storytellers Tips/Tricks videos Patient education Comment mgmt Recruitment msgs Career education MD Satisfaction Conversion/DTR Physician finder Online scheduling Website traffic Conquesting Conversion/DTR Website traffic App installs Hashtag conquesting Targeted delivery Blog traffic Website traffic Fill caregiver roles Blog/Web traffic*Simplicity* *Education* *Success stories* *Innovations* *In your community*How We Use Twitter Beyond The Tweet Social Support Conquesting Brand events Blogger/Influencer partnerships Hashtag trending Paid AdvertisingSOCIAL SUPPORT Engaging in social is the best way to maintain and foster relationships withour customers. When we take time to notice and hear them, they realizewe value them. Engagement keeps our customers happy and helps spread the word.WOM from a real person impacts social sentiment and reach most. Whena person expresses satisfaction with us, their network of friends sees theinteraction. When someone likes or comments on our content, someone whomay not follow us can see it, making them more inclined to want tosee more, especially if they see a response from us! Engaging with a customer or potential customer in social can completelychange the relationship. If someone is frustrated, we can turn that around. If someone has questions and is unsure, we can educate/convince. If someone is happy, we can make them even happier. Its all about being THERE, hearing what they have to say andacknowledging it in the best way possible. We average 150 inboundmessages per day We reply to 22% of those withan average response time of 27minutes 47% are Kudos 33% are complaints 20% are inquires The other 78% fall into thefollowing no responsereasons CommunityAnswered 36% News Article /Sharing 33% Unrelated 20% Combative 5% Duplicate 5% SPAM 1%SOCIAL SUPPORTCONQUESTINGWe use conquesting mostly to promote brand awareness for new programs. We use custom responses to provide personal service.Health Express conquesting had a 9% conversion rate, generating 110K impressions and engaging 3K new people in just the first few months while accounting for 60% of app installs.CONQUESTINGSometimes it worksSometimes it doesnt or does it?!?All to her credit and none to mine, Providence Communications Director Mary Renouf-Hanson decided to be the bigger bro and reached out to make this clarification, among others.TWITTER EVENTSWe use Twitter to do live events, share content being presented at events and to encourage participation on key topics and launches.EXAMPLE #StPatsBabies was an opening of a maternity center inMissoula, MT. Mommy bloggers promoted event Hosted an hour long Twitter chat to answer questions Posted pictures of the facility &staff Provided random prizes for participants. Other events: Executive Q&A, Donation Announcements,Merger Stream, Community SummitsResults: #StPatsBabies Took over Montana twitter, trended and stopped the competition in its tracks, filled delivery schedule for first 90 days!BLOGGER/INFLUENCERS We partner with bloggers and influencers to create authentic andrelevant content for our consumers. We use their channels and reach to help grow new followers, buildawareness and reach new audiences. We activate in channels where theyre established that we might not be(snapchat, vine) We use mom bloggers, fitness experts, healthy chefs, athletes, techbloggers anyone that meets the needs of our consumer, our story orfits the mission of our organization.BLOGGER/INFLUENCERSRESULTS: Most engaged content ever More organic shares than ever More impressions andengagements for less spendthan ad dollars More new followers per daythan most weeks/months Access to new followercategories with authenticcontent = qualified new leads One great example: Increaseddonations by 48% YOY withsocial influencer#HASH-JACKING Use hashtags to focus conversations around an event or campaign. Leverage trending hashtags to join a conversation we might not normallybe in. We spend time each day looking for relevant topics and combine socialand search to optimize!#FinishCancer#HASH-JACKINGResults: Ownership of hashtags Increased engagement over 50% in one day Significant increase in blog trafficPAID ADVERTISINGIn addition to trying to be creative, were always testing new paid options within Twitter. We use your standard twitter cards, promoted tweets, trends, etc We include Twitter in all of our product marketing launches We include our influencers and do white-listing to ensure we can promote their tweets from our accounts We attempt to defend our hashtags and brand names in time of competitive attack or product launches We turn paid media off during times of crisisQUESTIONS?Learn more aboutpast and upcomingMember Meeting 2October 25, 2016New York CityLearn more about Member Slides-APPROVEDHM02-PresentationSlides-16x9-End