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Lorine Benintendi


Do you need any information about any subject?? Google Alerts will be a great help!!

Here are some Google Alerts. Actually I am searching for a position in the human resources department, Furtheremore we have to set up a business plan with some colleagues. It is an easily way to get information rapidly via Google Alerts


Twitter the best way to express yourself or discover whats happening! I try to catch some news of luxury hotels especially in Switzerland and Austria.

What are you interested in? Culture? Sport? Health? Paper,li enables you to find any articles and newspapers about all any existing subject! Your newspapers are ONLINE just for YOU!!

I really enjoyed reading some articles about the hospitality industry especially in Germany and Austria as I would love to work there, So from time to time I check some articles about it

Get informed on a subject with the latest headlines from dozens of souces!! I loved the article Backpacking Manali to Leh as I am a real backpacker. It gave me news ideas of places to travel to..

Although it is completely new for me using these platforms, I really enjoyed it! I hope I will be getting better little by little!!